Will There Be A Season 2 of ‘School Spirits’ on Netflix?

A second season is on the way but won't necessarily come to Netflix.

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Currently streaming on Netflix in the US is School Spirits, a YA drama about a young girl investigating her death in the afterlife. Cobra Kai’s Peyton List headlines the cast alongside Kristian Flores, Milo Manheim, Spencer MacPherson, and Kiara Pichardo. Season 1 only consists of eight episodes; if you’re wondering if more is on the way, there’s good and bad news. 

In case you missed the news, Netflix picked up the rights to School Spirits in late November 2023, but only in the United States. It’s a significant development because the show is marketed and produced as a Paramount+ Original. Although we’ve seen Originals from other streaming services come to Netflix, they often come with numerous asterisks. That’s why the release of School Spirits is so significant. It was released relatively recently, with its first season wrapping up in April 2023, and is a true Paramount+ Original series.

Since its addition to Netflix US, it’s appeared in the top 10s for several days, peaking at number 8 on December 5th. The series also currently sports a “Most Liked” badge on the Netflix UI.

School Spirits Has Been Renewed for Season 2 at Paramount+

Over the summer, the show was given a renewal at Paramount+ despite the Hollywood strikes that saw both writers and actors hitting the picket lines.

No word on where the series is in production just yet. It’s common understanding that the show won’t get into production until 2024, and even then, remember that Peyton List is set to begin filming Cobra Kai season 6 for Netflix at some point in early 2024.

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No Guarantee Season 2 of School Spirits Will Come to Netflix

Although the show is coming back, we don’t have any confirmation that Netflix will pick it up as it is still a Paramount+ Original series.

What could be happening here is a similar strategy Paramount Global employed with some of its broadcast titles a couple of years ago. In case you missed it, Netflix licensed the first season of Evil and The Unicorn. The idea was to leverage Netflix to gain popularity and awareness of these shows before they returned. They were only licensed to Netflix for a single season, and both departed a year after their addition. That could naturally be the case here, but Paramount nor Netflix has commented on the matter.

On the bright side, our intel suggests that Netflix will keep season 1 for an extended period. Our understanding is that Netflix has the rights for season 1 through May 2025. That’s significantly longer than the two shows we mentioned in the last paragraph.

Should the show head to Netflix, we’ll keep you posted via this article and our coming soon section.

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