How to Watch Every ‘New Girl’ Christmas Episode on Netflix

'New Girl' ran for 7 glorious season. During that time it provided 4 Christmas episodes and 4 Thanksgiving episodes for you to watch this holiday season.

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new girl christmas episodes on netflix

New Girl – Picture: 20th Century Fox

It’s that time of year once again where we gather ’round the fireplace with our families, exchange pleasantries, sip our cocoa, and watch the New Girl Christmas episodes. We here at What’s on Netflix wanted to do you all a big favor and pick them out for you because with 147 episodes to sift through it can be hard to keep track of them all!

For the meantime, New Girl is still streaming on Netflix in most regions including the United States. We suspect this will be changing over the next couple of years as Disney likely claws back the license for Disney+ or Hulu. Some regions just recently licensed New Girl including Netflix UK.

Here’s your Christmas bonus: even though Thanksgiving just passed in the USA, these Turkey Day classics are good year-round. Let’s add them to the rotation. They’re always good for next year too.

List of New Girl Christmas Episodes on Netflix

The 23rd

Season 1 – Episode 9

New Girl 1x09 - The 23rd (C) 2011 / Fox

New Girl 1×09 – The 23rd (C) 2011 / Fox

Remember when Jess was dating Justin Long? We won’t spoil how that goes but there’s nothing like a good ole-fashioned holiday breakup to remind you that your holidays aren’t so bad, right? Oh, we did spoil it, didn’t we? Don’t think we forgot the feels – what Nick does for Jess when they find Candy Cane Lane has turned off the lights for the night could warm even the coldest heart.


The gang attends Schmidt’s holiday office party and Jess frets when she receives an expensive gift from Paul.


Season 2 – Episode 11

New Girl 2x11 - The Santa (C) 2012 / Fox

New Girl 2×11 – The Santa (C) 2012 / Fox

What do you get when you take Nick Miller, a stripper, and a sleigh? Watch and learn. We also get a glimpse at what his dating profile would look like as he pleads his case via PA system. Winston is hilarious, as usual.


The gang tries to attend a lot of Christmas parties. Cece talks to Schmidt about becoming just friends again. Jess tries to avoid Sam; he tells her he wants to get back together. Nick has trouble adjusting to his adventurous girlfriend.


Season 4 – Episode 11

 New Girl 4x11 - LAXmas (C) 2014 / Fox

It’s not quite a bottle episode, but the Loft are all stuck in LAX waiting for flights home. Chaos and hijinks ensure. Billy Eichner appears to give Nick and Winston a hard time. And the ending is straight out of a farce. Poor Jess!


As the gang prepares to depart for the holidays, they quickly find they may be home alone when they are all trapped at the airport.

Christmas Eve Eve

Season 6 – Episode 10

New girl 6x10 1

New Girl 6×10 – Christmas Eve Eve (C) 2016 / Fox

Featuring the return of Nick’s long-distance girlfriend, Reagan (Megan Fox). Not only that, but a musical performance by legend Darlene Love singing “Christmas (Baby Come Home)”. In case that hasn’t convinced you what if we told you Winston gets a cranberry stuck in his ear?


Jess plays Secret Santa for the loft.

List of New Girl Thanksgiving Episodes on Netflix


Season 1 – Episode 6

 New Girl 1x06 - Thanksgiving (C) 2011 / Fox

New Girl 1×06 – Thanksgiving (C) 2011 / Fox

Schmidt has an OCD attack. Jess and Nick experience sexual tension. Jess begins a new relationship. Is this what Thanksgiving is like for normal people?


Jess invites Paul, a music teacher at her school on whom she always has had a crush, to the gang’s big Thanksgiving dinner at the loft, which naturally goes horribly awry.


Season 2 – Episode 8

New Girl 2x08 - Parents (C) 2012 / Fox

New Girl 2×08 – Parents (C) 2012 / Fox

What if Nick fell in love with Jess’s mom, and she happened to be played by Jamie Lee Curtis? Wonder no more. Rob Riggle and Rob Reiner also guest star as Schmidt’s cousin and Jess’s dad. Winston pitting Schmidt against his cousin to determine the “one true Schmidt” provides plenty of laughter. Competing against relatives at Thanksgiving is an American tradition.


When Jess’s parents, Bob and Joan, show up at the same time for Thanksgiving dinner, Jess takes the opportunity to “parent trap” them into a reconciliation, but her ploy backfires. Meanwhile, Schmidt and his bigger ex-Marine cousin, Big Schmidt, engage in a “manliness” competition.

Thanksgiving III

Season 3 – Episode 10

New Girl 3x10 - Thanksgiving III (C) 2013 / Fox

New Girl 3×10 – Thanksgiving III (C) 2013 / Fox

Nothing could possibly go wrong with the loft going hunting in an attempt to channel the early settlers. Comedy is never wrong. This is Coach’s first Thanksgiving episode… how will the dynamic change?


After Coach accuses him of going soft since he started dating Jess, Nick arranges a camping trip for the gang on Thanksgiving. Winston and Cece bond over their hatred of camping.

Thanksgiving IV

Season 4 – Episode 9

New Girl 4x09 - Thanksgiving IV (C) 2014 / Fox

New Girl 4×09 – Thanksgiving IV (C) 2014 / Fox

Tran returns! This is not a drill! In what Schmidt dubs “Bangs-giving,” will our lovable loftmates find love? Winston’s got a date with a lunch lady…


With winter coming and everyone still single, Schmidt initiates a “Bangs-giving”-themed Thanksgiving dinner party, to which everyone must bring someone compatible for someone else.

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