New German Movies & Series Released on Netflix in 2020

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German movies and series on Netflix

Looking for some German-language content on Netflix? We’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to all the German movies, series, and TV shows that have been added to Netflix outside Germany. Whether you like drama, comedies, or reality TV, there should be something for everyone. 

Just to add: this list features the best German-language content available on Netflix US. However, when Netflix adds foreign-language content, it usually licenses it for global streaming. So, wherever you are in the world, you should be able to watch these amazing German movies and series on Netflix.

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Unorthodox (Season 1) N

Unorthodox tells the story of a young woman in an unhappy arranged marriage in a strict Jewish Orthodox community in Brooklyn, New York. Realising she needs to escape, Esty Shapiro flees to Berlin where she attempts to start a new life. The series is based on the biography of Deborah Feldman, Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots. 

The series is one of the first Netflix titles primarily in Yiddish, but it also uses German and English. Unorthodox was very well-received, gaining an 8.0 rating on IMDB and 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Freud (Season 1) N

One of the most popular German-language pieces to arrive on Netflix this year is Freud. This eight-part series reimagines the early life of psychologist, Sigmund Freud. At the close of the nineteenth century, a dashing young Freud solves Vienna’s nastiest crimes with the help of a psychic and a police office.

Is the real Sigmund Freud turning in his grave right now? Probably; but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.

Nailed It! Germany (Season 1)

Ever tried to make beautifully delicious Pinterest-worthy treats, only for it to end in disaster? This one’s for you.

Nailed It! Germany features a group of home cooks put through their paces as they try to recreate intricate bakes. International spin-off of the Nailed It! series.

Isi & Ossi (Movie) N

This sweet rom-com follows a blossoming romance between two young people who couldn’t be more different. Isi is the daughter of a millionaire, while Ossi is an aspiring boxer from a rougher neighborhood. This one was released on Valentine’s Day 2020.

System Crasher (Movie)

This troubling and emotive drama follows nine-year-old Benni through her life as a ‘system crasher’: someone who doesn’t fit in anywhere and is likely to fall through the gaps of the German support system. Nine years of abuse and torment has left Benni aggressive and volatile. Trapped in her own abusive relationship, Benni’s mother feels unable to cope.

System Crasher won eight German Film Awards in 2020, including best film, best director, best writing as well as best actor and best actress.

Full List of New German Movies and Series on Netflix in 2020

Title Name Genre Type
Nailed It! Germany Competition, Reality series
Isi & Ossi Short, Drama movie
System Crasher Drama movie
Babylon Berlin Crime, Drama, Thriller series
Freud Crime series
Unorthodox Drama series
Rising High (Betonrausch) Comedy movie
Frank Elstner: Just One Last Question Variety, Talk Show series
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