TruTV Adds Bunch of Shows to Netflix

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Netflix has added a bunch of TruTV content to round out the month of September on Netflix. Below, we’ll take a look at what’s been added as well as if there are future seasons to look forward to.

Only the United States was the recipient of these shows.

In case you’ve never heard of TruTV, here’s some quick insight. The TV channel set up in 1991 has changed over the years to morph into a comedy channel. With the removal of most of the ComedyCentral content, it’s nice to see that TruTV looks like it’ll be plugging the gap.

Let’s now see what new TruTV titles dropped on Netflix on September 30th:

Adam Ruins Everything (Season 1)

This series originally started life as a bit on the CollegeHumor YouTube channel but was quickly picked up for a full season back in 2015 for TruTV. The first season, consisting of 20 episodes that sift through the best of the first two seasons.

The show consists of Adam ruining everything by explaining and debunking widely believed myths.

Adam took to Twitter to advertise the fact that season 1 was added to Netflix today. Of course, new episodes are on the way towards the end of this year on TruTV.

Impractical Jokers

The first season (along with a few specials) were added to Netflix too. This show sees four high school friends play practical jokes on each other and get each other to perform tasks that often includes them making fools of themselves.

Of course, many fans will be disappointed that only 20 episodes out of the 170+ total episodes available landed on Netflix. Season 7 is currently airing on TruTV now.

Some of the cast members took to Twitter to advertise the addition.

I’m Sorry (Season 1)

The first season of I’m Sorry (recently renewed for a second season) also dropped on TruTV. The show is about a comedy writer mom living with her family and constantly sticking her foot in her mouth.

The Carbonaro Effect (Collection 1)

This series mixes comedy and magic for a seriously watchable series. The series looks to get real people and put them in unreal situations. Not all episodes just landed on Netflix instead just a collection of episodes. Season 4 just aired on TruTV recently.

There you have it, a bunch of new shows to enjoy on Netflix. What are you watching? Let us know in the comments down below.

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