AMC Series Coming to Netflix in 2019

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AMC’s output onto Netflix very little nowadays with the network opting to put its content on its own platforms. With that said, three titles are expected to drop on Netflix with one being a bit of an unknown until AMC when to release it.

Here’s a look at the AMC series on the way to Netflix in the US in 2019.

This year, we’re expecting the exact same number of AMC titles coming to Netflix as 2018.

AMC Titles Not Coming to Netflix US in 2019

Before we move onto the titles on the way to Netflix, here’s a look at those that won’t be coming to Netflix.

  • Humans – only available on AMC channels
  • Fear the Walking Dead – past seasons on Hulu
  • Preacher – past seasons on Amazon
  • The Son – only available on AMC channels
  • McMafia – only available on AMC channels
  • The Terror – only available on AMC channels
  • Lodge 49 – only available on AMC channels

AMC Titles Coming to Netflix US in 2019

Better Call Saul (Season 4)

Expected Netflix Release Date: April 2019

Better Call Saul poster – Copyright AMC

If you’ve skipped out on earlier seasons of Better Call Saul because of the lawyer aspects, we’d recommend you to keep on watching because season 4 saw the show slowly morphing into Breaking Bad.

Saul Goodman faces numerous challenges in season 4 including the sudden passing of his brother at the end of season 3. Elsewhere, we get more backstory to how Gus Fring and how he built his empire.

The Walking Dead (Season 9)

Expected Netflix Release Date: September 2019

The Walking Dead – Copyright AMC

The Walking Dead is getting its biggest shakeup in its history this year with major characters departing such as Andrew Lincoln who will be dropping his role as Rick Grimes.

The series, despite a lot of criticism, continues to be fan-favorite. Netflix has an existing legacy contract which keeps new episodes of The Walking Dead coming to the service so long as the show is active. Season 9 will drop at its regular date late this year.

Into the Badlands (Season 3 – Part 1)

Expected Netflix Release Date: March 2019

Into the Badlands copyright AMC

Into the Badlands season 3 order was increased to 16 episodes but so far, only 8 episodes have actually dropped with the remainder of season 3 apparently up in the air.

The first eight episodes will likely drop on its regular schedule by coming in March 2019.

We’ve covered plenty of other networks coming to Netflix in 2019 including ABC, NBC and The CW with more on the way soon.

Let us know what you’re looking forward to coming to Netflix from AMC in the comments below.

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