NBC Shows Coming to Netflix in 2019

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NBC continues to work with Netflix although very few of NBCs lineup actually come to Netflix. Here’s the complete list of NBC shows in 2018 to 2019 and which ones are coming to Netflix throughout the year. 

NBC has been stepping up their output in recent years thanks to the rise of streaming services. Its focus has been spread across multiple dramas, comedies and a big lineup of non-scripted content.

Before we move onto the shows that definitely coming to Netflix, here’s a look at the shows we’re either not sure or definitely sure that won’t be coming to Netflix in 2019.

NBC Shows Not Coming to Netflix in 2019

You’ll notice a recurring theme as we list the NBC shows not coming to Netflix and those shouldn’t be surprising. NBC has a stake in Hulu and therefore, by default, it adds its shows there.

  • A.P. Bio^
  • Blindspot^
  • Chicago P.D.^
  • I Feel Bad^
  • Making It^
  • Manifest^
  • New Amsterdam^
  • Superstore^
  • This Is Us^
  • Timeless – this series is getting a two episode finale and much like season 1 it’ll reside on Hulu exclusively.
  • Will & Grace reboot^

^ = exclusive to Hulu

As with every other network, NBC doesn’t add its reality series, award shows, game shows or late night shows to Netflix.

Taken and The Night Shift also got annual updates on Netflix but those shows have now concluded.

NBC Shows That Might Come to Netflix in 2019

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – the series used to get annual updates on Netflix but that looks to have stopped since 2017. Its future looks to be on Hulu.
  • Midnight, Texas has not been on Netflix yet but it’s also not streaming on Hulu or Amazon Prime either. Given we’re into the second season, it coming to Netflix seems unlikely but not impossible.

NBC Shows Coming to Netflix in 2019

Marlon (Season 2)

Expected Netflix Release: June 2019

Marlon will likely be the first NBC show to come to Netflix in 2019. The series named after the shows main star Marlon Wayans is a comedy sitcom that seems to split audiences right down the middle.

Netflix acquired Marlon as an international original which also saw season 1 come to Netflix US in 2018. Many regions such as the UK, Canada and Australia are already streaming season 2.

We’re expecting season 2 to drop sometime in the summer of 2019 before a third season which has yet to be confirmed.

Good Girls (Season 1)

Expected Netflix Release: Fall 2019

Like Marlon, Good Girls was picked up by Netflix as an international original. The show didn’t appear on Hulu which leads us to believe that Netflix in the US will be getting the show during 2019. The show has been renewed for another season and we suspect season 1 will drop on Netflix shortly beforehand which would roughly work out as August 2019 at the earliest.

The series sees Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman star as three women in a comedy/drama where they stumble upon a bunch of cash which they weren’t suppoed to.

The Blacklist (Season 6)

Expected Netflix Release Date: September 2019

Netflix famously paid a lot of money and continues to pay for The Blacklist several years back and the show is now headed into its sixth season. Season 6 will be airing slightly later than normal with it debuting in January 2019 as opposed to its usual September slot. This shouldn’t affect its Netflix release date.

The series has shifted a little in recent seasons as it keeps up with other shows of its natures across a spectrum of networks and streaming services.

The Good Place (Season 3)

Expected Release Date: September 2019

The Good Place has cemented itself as the best comedy that NBC currently produces. With mind-bending twists and fantastic acting from the whole cast, this is an absolute must-watch but the chances are, you already know that.

Season 3 sees our four humans try and escape the clutches of the demons that run the bad place with the help of Michael and Janet. Season 3 of The Good Place does come to Netflix weekly in places like thee UK but those in the US and Canada will have to wait until September until it’s available there.

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