Netflix Originals Coming to Netflix in December 2018

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To round out the year, Netflix has some fantastic Netflix Originals planned. New movies, new and returning series and some special Christmas treats are all lined up for December 2018. Here’s a breakdown of every Netflix Original coming in December.

It’s been a massive year for Netflix Originals and 2019 looks to step it up even more. There’s a lot already planned for December but remember to keep checking back throughout the month as we’ll be updating this post regularly.

Be sure to let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to in December.

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Netflix does have some Christmas treats coming out but most will be out during November.

Hero Mask (Season 1)

Release Date: December 3rd

It’s been a fantastic year for anime on Netflix with 2019 looking even bigger. Netflix also has a few more tricks up its sleeve to round out the year too. Hero Mask is coming exclusively to Netflix. Details are few and far between right now but it’s a crime series which features James Blood who has to solve mysteries.

15 episodes will make up season 1.

Dogs of Berlin (Season 1)

Release Date: December 7th
Language: German

The first German series launched on Netflix earlier this year and the second is going to round out the year. The new series is significantly different to Dark and truly looks unique.

The series follows two detectives who work in the underbelly of Berlin looking working in a department full of corruption and crime. The new show stars Felix Kramer, Anna Maria Muhe, Urs Rechn.

Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas (Special)

Release Date: December 7th

Despite season 2 still being up in the air, we do know that Neo Yokio, the crazy anime series is coming back for a Christmas special. Most of the big cast members are expected to return but no mention of Charles would be making a return.

Toblerone got in on the action by helping announce the Christmas special.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (Movie)

Release Date: December 7th

Andy Serkis is directing this upcoming fantasy adventure film with a story you may be familiar with. Disney has had the rights to The Jungle Book with their most recent adaptation even arriving on Netflix. Now it’s the turn of Warner Brothers who sold the movie license to Netflix.

Plan Couer (The Hook Up Plan) (Season 1)

Release Date: December 7th

In the first trailer for this new French comedy series, you may recognise as a parody of Love Actually. The series is set in Paris and will be available in dub and subtitled version. The story focuses on three friends who are going through their own individual lives but two team up to get Elsa, who’s single more confidence. They do so by hiring a male escort.

The series will star Marc Ruchmann, Zita Hanrot and Sabrina Ouazani.

The Ranch (Part 6)

Release Date: December 7th

Two of Netflix’s biggest sitcoms return for their next respective parts in December. Ashton Kutcher’s The Ranch returns in December and the verdict is out as to whether the show can now survive without Rooster who departed from the show during the last part.

The good news is that while only 10 episodes are planned for release in December, another 20 have already been ordered.

Fuller House (Season 4)

Release Date: December 14th

Season 4 is coming and this year, they won’t be splitting the episodes into two halves. 13 episodes will be dropping on Netflix just in time for Christmas.

In case you haven’t heard, season 4 may actually be the final season of Fuller House, at least according to rumours. Regardless, the rebooted sitcom has been a joy to watch over the past several years and we can’t wait to get back to the Tanners in December.

Tidelands (Season 1)

Release Date: December 14th

Netflix has acquired a few Australian titles to fly under its Original banner in recent years but Tidelands represents the first full Original production from the region.

The series is a crime drama which sees a former criminal return home to help uncover the town’s secrets as multiple bodies wash up on shore.

Ten episodes are due out for December 14th.

Roma (Movie)

Release Date: December 14th

First premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, this Mexican movie has been a massive hit and scored the movie multiple awards.

The movie looks at Mexico City in the early 1970s where crime is rampant. It follows a middle-class family and their housekeeper.

Sunderland Till I Die

Release Date: December 14th

Could this be one of the most niche documentary series Netflix has ever produced? Possibly. This eight-part soccer documentary series will look at Sunderland Football Club during their worst season to date seeing them relegated to League One from the Premier League.

The most interesting thing about this docuseries is that it almost certainly backfired from the club owners original intentions. It was supposed to help gain new fans and investors and instead documents the biggest of the club in its history.

The Protector (Season 1)

Release Date: December 14th

Netflix has finally lifted the lid on what we can expect from the first ever Turkish series on Netflix. Turkish series always manage to get big audiences on Netflix and that looks set to continue with The Protector. It’s a brand new sci-fi action drama with the series following a young shopkeeper who gains powers and must protect an island. If you’re a fan of Iron Fist, this should absolutely be on your watch list.

You can find more about The Protector here.

Voltron: Legendary Defender (Season 8)

Release Date: December 14th

Voltron has been releasing thick and fast on Netflix over the past few years. Sadly, season 8 will be the final season of Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Seasons 8 will share the same amount of episodes of season 7 clocking in at 13 episodes. There’s still a lot left to learn after the finale of season 6.

Springsteen on Broadway

Release Date: December 15th

Photo by Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Netflix has been moving slowly in the music space in 2018 but their biggest venture to date will be Bruce Springsteen’s special. Filmed in October, it will feature Springsteen perform some of his greatest hits as well as cover some of his personal stories.

The show was fully sold out meaning this will be your only opportunity to experience Springsteen on Broadway.

Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable (Standup Special)

Release Date: December 18th

Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Ellen DeGeneres is huge. With her own daytime TV show, countless movie and TV credits, the comedian is much more than a one-trick pony. Stand-up isn’t new to Ellen either but this special does represent her first standup since 2003.

Diablero (Season 1)

Release Date: December 21st
Language: Spanish

This new series comes from Mexico and is based on the book called “El Diablo me obligó”. The series is centred around a Priest who goes out seeking the help of a demon hunter. Assembling a new team, their job is to stop the supernatural from taking over the world.

The series looks to be right up the alley if you love The Vampire Diaries, Hemlock Grove, Supernatural or Lucifer.

3 Below: Tales of Arcadia (Season 1)

Release Date: December 21st

If you’re a fan of Trollhunters, you’ll definitely want to get excited for the second part of The Tales of Arcadia trilogy which comes from Guillermo del Toro. The beautifully animated Dreamworks show will reside in the same universe as Trollhunters but will vastly different.

The new series will see new voice actors and actresses join including Diego Luna, Tatiana Maslany, Cole Sand, Steven Yeun and Charlie Saxton. The new story will focus on two aliens who have crash-landed on Earth and have to repair their ship to get back to their homeland.

Bird Box (Movie)

Release Date: December 21st

The movie highlight of the month highlights a familiar trend with Netflix Original movies. Pick a big movie star to appear in a familiar post-apocalypse setting. Birdbox fills this hole to an extent but promises to build on it a bit more.

Birdbox stars Sandra Bullock playing Malorie a mother who has to keep her kids safe. If you loved A Queit Place from earlier this year, this looks right up your alley.

Watership Down (Season 1)

Release Date: December 25th

Watership Down is Netflix’s rabbit out of the hat surprise for Christmas this year. It looks to retell the classic story and bring it to new audiences in a four-part special. The series will feature a stellar cast and we’ve got loads more information on the series here.

Please note: this release date doesn’t apply to those in the United Kingdom.

Alexa & Katie (Season 2)

Release Date: December 26th

The Disney/Nickelodeon-esque teen series Alexa & Katie is getting its first two seasons both released in 2018 it would seem. The sitcom features two lifelong friends who are going into freshman year of high school together when one gets seriously ill.

Other Netflix Originals with Limited Information

  • Diablero – December 21st – Spanish horror fantasty series
  • Dumplin’ – December 7th – American musical/comedy starring Jennifer Aniston.
  • The Fix – December 14th – Panel show
  • Inside the Real Narcos – December 14th – Docuseries
  • The Innocent Man – December 14th – True crime series
  • SELECTION DAY – December 28th – A Hindi coming-of-age drama series based on the novel by Aravind
  • Kingdom – TBD – A new Korean-language historical fiction
  • Nailed It! Holdiay – December 7th – A holiday special for the Nailed It series
  • Flinch – TBD – A Jackass meets Wipeout gameshow.
  • The American Meme – TBD – Movie
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