What’s Coming to Netflix in May 2021

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Whats Coming To Netflix In May 2021

It’s time for a comprehensive look at what’s coming to Netflix USA throughout May 2021. Below, we’ll take you through the licensed list of titles on the way combined with the Netflix Originals lined up for the month too.

As always, keep an eye on what’s set to leave Netflix in May 2021 too. It’s currently headlined by the series Kingdom which you should absolutely finish before it departs.

This post will be updated throughout April 2021 and into May 2021 as we learn of new titles lined up for the month. Netflix themselves will put out a list towards the end of April.

Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix US in May 2021

What’s Coming to Netflix Weekly in May 2021

  • Don’t Be The First One (Season 1) – New episodes Saturdays
  • Law School (Season 1) N – New episodes Wednesday
  • Love Naggers (Season 1) – New episodes Thursdays
  • Luis Miguel – The Series (Season 2) N – New episodes Sundays
  • The Circle USA (Season 2) N – Final episode on May 5th
  • Vincenzo (Season 1) N – New episodes Saturdays

May 2021 Release Dates TBD

  • Master of None (Season 3) N – Four years later, Aziz Ansari returns as Dev and this time, he’s in London.
  • Racket Boys (Season 1) N – K-drama about a middle school badminton club.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 1st

  • Aliens Stole My Body (2020) – Kids superhero adventure movie akin to Netflix’s We Can Be Heroes.
  • Angelina Ballerina (Seasons 5-6) – Animated kids series.

Back To The Future Trilogy Netflix

  • Back to the Future Trilogy – Great Scott! All three of the Back to the Future movies return to Netflix for a limited time.
  • Barney and Friends (Seasons 13-14) – Kids series.
  • Best of the Best (1989) – Tae Kwon Do sports drama starring Eric Roberts.
  • Dead Again in Tombstone (2017) – Western starring Danny Trejo about an outlaw returning from the dead.

Due Date Netflix May 2021

  • Due Date (2010) – Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis team in this buddy comedy.
  • Fun with Dick and Jane (2005) – Comedy starring Jim Carrey.
  • G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) – Live-action adaptation of the toy franchise.
  • Green Zone (2010) – Paul Greengrass directs this war thriller starring Matt Damon. Follows events in US-occupied Baghdad.
  • Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009) – Richard Gere features in this touching movie about a college professor adopting an abandoned dog.
  • J.T. LeRoy (2019) – Laura Dern and Kristen Stewart headline this trans movie about a writer pretending to be a literary persona.
  • Mystic River (2003) – Sean Penn, Kevin Bacon, and Tim Robbins star in this two-time Oscar-winning feature directed by Clint Eastwood.
  • Love Happens (2009) – Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart headline this romantic film about a doctor who cannot get over the death of his late wife until…

Madagascar 3 Netflix

  • Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (2012) – The third entry in the Dreamworks animated series where the animals join a European circus in the hopes of returning home. Screenplay by Noah Baumbach.
  • Miniforce: Super Dino Power (Season 1) – Korean kids animated series.
  • Never Back Down (2008) – A teenager joins an underground fight club. Stars Sean Faris.
  • Notting Hill (1999) –  Roger Mitchell directs this Hugh Grant rom-com classic.
  • Open Season (2006) – Animated mischief with a grizzly bear finding himself stranded before hunting season begins.
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) – Alice continues fighting the Umbrella Corporation in this 2010 entry in the Sony Resident Evil movies.
  • Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) – Survivors of the Racoon City incident travel to Nevada.
  • Scarface (1983) – The drug cartel classic starring Al Pacino.
  • Sitting in Limbo (2020) – British drama about a man trying to gain citizenship during the Windrush scandal.
  • S.M.A.R.T Chase (2017) – Chinese/English thriller starring Orlando Bloom.
  • Stargate (1994) – The first movie of the Stargate franchise starring Kurt Russell.

State Of Play Netflix May 2021

  • State of Play (2009) – Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Helen Mirren, and Rachel McAdams feature in this thriller.
  • The Darkest Hour (2011) – Emilie Hirsch headlines this action horror set in Moscow where five people are fending off an alien race who is coming to Earth to steal our power supply.
  • The Land Before Time (1988) – Animated kids adventure about a brontosaurus named Littlefoot setting off into the Great Valley.
  • The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure (1994) – The second entry in the animated kids movie.
  • The Lovely Bones (2009) – Gut-wrenching drama about a young girl murdered and watches on from purgatory. Directed by Peter Jackson.
  • The Pelican Brief (1993) – Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington star alongside each other in this conspiracy drama.
  • The Sweetest Thing (2002) – Cameron Diaz headlines this rom-com who is tasked with wooing the opposite sex.
  • The Whole Nine Yards (2000) – Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry co-star in this comedy from the turn of the millennium about a struggling dentist having his life overturned by a mobster moving in next door.

The Whole Truth Netflix

  • The Whole Truth (2016) – Lionsgate thriller starring Keanu Reeves and Renée Zellweger.
  • The Yeti Adventures (2017) –  French-Canadian animated feature.
  • Under Siege (1992) – Steven Seagal thriller about an ex-Navy Seal officer tasked with stopping a group of terrorists.
  • Waist Deep (2006) – Tyrese Gibson headlines this action thriller about an ex-convict getting tangled up with a gang.
  • Your Highness (2011) – Fantasy comedy starring Danny McBride, Natalie Portman and James Franco.
  • Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) – Kevin Smith directed rom-com starring Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks.
  • Zombieland (2009) – The first Zombie comedy where a team of unlikely heroes team up and travel across the USA.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 2nd

  • Hangar 1: The UFO Files (Season 2) – Docuseries looking into various UFO sightings over the years.
  • Hoarders (Season 11) – Reality TV where it follows people who are compulsive hoarders.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 4th

Selena The Series Part 2 May 2021

  • Selena: The Series (Season 2) N – The concluding second half of the biopic series on Selena Quintanilla.
  • StartUp (Seasons 1-3) – The ex-Crackle series created by Ben Ketai.

  • The Clovehitch Killer (2018) – The work of a serial killer hits close to home for this family. Thriller from director Duncan Skiles.
  • Trash Truck (Season 2) N – New episodes of the animated kids series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 5th

  • Framing John DeLorean (2019) – Biopic on the car maker John DeLorean and how some considered him to be a con-man. Stars Alec Baldwin.
  • Lava Ka Dhaava (Season 1) N – Indian spin-off Netflix’s gameshow – Floor is Lava.
  • The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness (Limited Series) N – Crime docuseries following Maury Terry’s efforts into finding a killer.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 6th

  • And Tomorrow The Entire World (2020) N – German thriller about a girl who gets involved with an anti-fascist group but starts to question her new life once getting into increasingly violent situations.
  • Dead Man Down (2013) – Colin Farrell action drama about a crime lord’s right-hand man helps a woman setting retribution.
  • Time to Dance (2021) – Indian musical.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 7th

  • Girl from Nowhere (Season 2) N – Highly rated Thai fantasy series returns.

Jupiters Legacy S1 Netflix May 2021

  • Jupiter’s Legacy (Season 1) N – The debut show from Mark Millar follows a group of superheroes living in the shadows of their parents.
  • Milestone (2021) N – Hindi indie movie from director Ivan Ayr about a trucker who recently lost his loved one and now faces the threat of losing his job.
  • Monster (2021) N – Originally premiering at Sundance in 2018, the movie finally gets a release on Netflix. Legal drama starring Kelvin Harrison Jr, Jennifer Ehle, Tim Blake Nelson, and John David Washington.
  • The Circle – The Afterparty (2021) N – The winners and past contestants of Netflix’s reality series sits down to talk to the hosts of The Netflix Afterparty.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 8th

  • Mine (Season 1) N – New Episodes Weekly – Korean soap.

Sleepless Now On Netflix Australia

  • Sleepless (2017) – Jamie Foxx led thriller returns to Netflix. From director Baran bo Odar.
  • Super Me (2021) N – Chinese fantasy that’s lighting up the Chinese box office.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 11th

  • Money, Explained (Season 1) N – Vox’s documentary teams for another special spin-off series looking into all things money.
  • Use For My Talent (Season 1) – K-Drama about a germophobic cleaning company owner striking up a new relationship.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 12th

  • Dance of the Forty One (2021) N – Arthouse LGBTQ movie about a gay congressman who marries the Mexican president’s daughter
  • Oxygen (2021) N – French sci-fi thriller where a woman is awakened and has to think fast to survive.

  • The Upshaws (Season 1) N – Sitcom starring Mike Epps and Wanda Sykes.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 13th

  • Castlevania (Season 4) N – The final (?) season of the anime series based on the video game franchise.
  • Cinema Bandi (2021) – Indian comedy from director Praveen Kandregula about a struggling driver who turns to become a film director.
  • Layer Cake (2004) – Daniel Craig headlines this action drama directed by Matthew Vaughn.
  • Wave of Cinema: Filosofi Kopi – Indonesian music documentary.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 14th

  • Ahaan (2021) – Indian feel-good drama about a man jilted by his wife and now is left to tend to a young man with Down Syndrome.
  • Alma Matters (Season 1) – Testimonies from those who are in or trying to get into India’s elite academic institutes.
  • Ferry (2021) N – The spin-off follow-up movie to the Dutch series Undercover which ran for 2 seasons.

Halston Netflix Limited Series

  • Halston (Limited Series) N – Fashion biopic series from Ryan Murphy on Roy Halston Frowick starring Ewan McGregor.
  • Haunted (Season 3) N – More creepy real-world accounts of supernatural happenings.
  • I Am All Girls (2021) N – A detective finds common ground with a killer in this dark thriller.

Jungle Beat Netflix Movie

  • Jungle Beat: The Movie (2021) N – South African kids animation feature.
  • Love, Death & Robots (Volume 2) N – 8 more weird and absolutely wonderful animated shorts.
  • Move to Heaven (Season 1) N – South Korean drama about trauma cleaners.
  • The Mystic River (Season 1) – Horror fantasy series from Nigeria about a pregnant woman vanishing from a remote village.
  • Table Manners (2018) – One woman rediscovers her love in life. South African movie.
  • The Strange House / Das Schaurige Haus (2021) N – German family horror about a family moving to a remote town.
  • The Upshaws – The Afterparty (2021) N – The cast of the new sitcom (arriving on May 12th) sit down with the hosts of The Netflix Afterparty.
  • The Woman in the Window (2021) N – Originally set to release in 2019, the Amy Adams thriller finally gets a release on Netflix.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 15th

  • Booba: Food Puzzle (Season 1) – Kids animated series starring the curious Booba who is now a chef for this season.

Kurokos Basketball S2 Netflix May 2021

  • Kuroko’s Basketball (Season 2) – Second season of the anime series following the Seirin High basketball team.
  • Love or Money (2021) – Filipino rom-com.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 16th

Sleight Netflix May 2021

  • Sleight (2016) – J.D. Dillard writes and directs this sci-fi drama about a young street magician who turns to illegal activities to keep a roof over his and his family’s head.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 18th

  • Amy Tan: Unintended Memoir (2021) – Documentary on the author Amy Tan.
  • Sardar Ka Grandson (2021) N – Hindi rom-com.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 19th

  • The Last Days (1998) – Steven Spielberg and The Shoah Foundation presented this harrowing documentary on five Jewish Hungarians who lived through the Second World War and retells their story.

Sabotage Netflix

  • Sabotage (2014) – Lionsgate action thriller headlined by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Directed by David Ayer.
  • Small Town Crime (2017) – Eshorn and Ian Nelms direct this mystery thriller about an alcoholic ex-cop finding a woman on the roadside and vows to help find those that wronged her.
  • Who Killed Sara? (Season 2) N – Spanish crime drama that hit the top of the Netflix top 10s around the world.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 20th

  • Hating Peter Tatchell (2021) – Documentary on an LGBTQ human rights advocate.
  • Special (Season 2) N – An expanded final season to the comedy starring Ryan O’Connell.
  • Spy Kids: All the Time in the World (2011) – Kids action-comedy from We Can Be Heroes director, Robert Rodriguez.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 21st

Netflix Original Movies Coming In 2021 And Beyond Army Of The Dead

  • Army of the Dead (2021) N – Zack Snyder’s zombie heist thriller starring Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell and Omari Hardwick.
  • Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous (Season 3) N – The next set of animated episodes set in the Jurassic World series.
  • Strain (2020) – Nollywood movie.
  • The Neighbor (Season 2) N – Season 2 of the Spanish-language superhero series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 22nd

  • Sam Smith: Love Goes – Live At Abbey Road Studios – Live concert from the award-winning British artist, Sam Smith.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 24th

  • Mad for Each Other (Season 1) NNew episodes coming weekly – Korean romantic comedy series about two next-door neighbors finding it impossible to stay out of each other’s way.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 25th

  • A Place in the Stars (2014) – Nigerian thriller.

Home Returns To Netflix

  • Home (2015) – Animated sci-fi about an alien race invading Earth. Voice performances from Jim Parsons, Rihanna and Steve Martin.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 26th

American Woman Netflix May 2021

  • American Woman (2019) – Award-winning movie about a teenage daughter going missing and a mother’s search for answers.
  • Baggio: The Divine Ponytail (2021) N – Italian biopic on soccer player Roberto Baggio.
  • Gatao – The Last Stray – Asian action drama.
  • Ghost Lab (2021) N – Thai thriller about two doctors who become dangerously obsessed with obtaining scientific proof that ghosts exist.
  • High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine (Limited Series) N – Food & culture limited series starring chef Stephen Satterfield.
  • Transformed America (2021) N – Documentary on African American cuisine.
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Season 3) – The third season of the hit anime series after it was removed last month and since returned.
  • Nail Bomber: Manhunt (2021) N – Documentary on the infamous Nail Bomber.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 27th

  • Black Space (Season 1) N – Israeli thriller series.
  • Blue Miracle (2021) N – Mexican biopic on the true story of Casa Hogar who saved his orphanage by entering a fishing competition.
  • Eden (Season 1) N – Animated anime series set thousands of years in the future where two robots take care of a young girl.

  • Ragnarok (Season 2) N – The superb Nordic series with the hammer-wielding superhero.

  • Soy Rada: Serendipity (2021) N – Spanish-language comedy special.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 28th

  • Collateral Beauty (2016) – Will Smith, Kate Winslet and Edward Norton star in this romance directed by David Frankel.
  • Dog Gone Trouble (2021) N – Listed as Netflix Family.

Lucifer Season 5b Netflix May 2021

  • Lucifer (Season 5B) N – The second half of season 5 of Lucifer finally hits Netflix globally following the devil detective.
  • The Least Expected Day: Inside the Movistar Team 2019 (Season 2) – Second part of the cycling docuseries following the 2020 season and the Movistar’s team to win.
  • The Kominsky Method (Season 3) N – The final season of the Chuck Lorre series starring Michael Douglas about a retired actor turned coach.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 29th

  • Jeopardy! (New Collections) – More seasons of the ABC game show with episodes from the 2015-2016 season joining Netflix.
  • One Lagos Night (2021) – Nigerian comedy.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 30th

  • Bo Burnham: Inside (2021) N – A new comedy special from Bo Burnham filmed over the course of a year.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 31st

Dirty John The Betty Broderick Story

  • Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story (Limited Series) – A new story in the Dirty John universe.
  • Racket Boys (Season 1) N – K-drama series about a city kid taken to the countryside and develops a new badminton squad.
  • The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties (Season 1) NSelling Sunset but in Paris (and maybe less drama!?)
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