Netflix Original ‘Four Seasons in Havana’ Leaving Netflix in December 2020

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four seasons in havana leaving netflix

Four Seasons in Havana – Picture: Netflix

December will see the removal of yet another Netflix Original series with Spanish series Four Seasons in Havana currently set to expire from the service globally on December 9th, 2020.

Four Seasons in Havana touched down on Netflix in the United States, Canada, Argentina and Brazil on December 9th, 2016. Some regions, such as the United Kingdom and Australia didn’t receive the series until April 2018. Only those who received the title back in 2016 are set to see the series expire with the other regions likely seeing it leave in April 2022.

The Spanish-language series is a crime thriller based on a series of books from Leonardo Padura Fuentes called The Havana Quartet. It’s about a police lieutenant and his partner solving crimes in the heart of Cuba’s capital city.

Among the production companies involved with Four Seasons in Havana included Mistery Producciones, Movistar+ and Nadcon Film.

The good news is that it’s not a long binge. The series is four episodes long but the episodes clock in or around 90 minutes apiece meaning there are just under 6 hours of content to enjoy here.

Why is Four Seasons in Havana Leaving Netflix?

Netflix Originals are a broad term for Netflix exclusive content but it can be ultimately split into four categories. The category this title falls under is international exclusive release. That means, Netflix acquires the rights to exclusively distribute the series for x number of years. In this case, that’s four years.

Once that contract comes up, it’s up to Netflix and the original production company/distributor to agree to new terms. In the case of Four Seasons in Havana, that looks like it won’t happen.

December 2020 will also see the removal of Pacific Heat, another Netflix Original series.

As to where the series ends up next, don’t expect it to be widely available. From the list of Netflix Originals that have departed so far, many haven’t found new streaming homes. After all, who is going to take on a Netflix Original project after the fact.

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