‘Orphan Black’ Leaving Netflix Internationally in August 2021

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orphan black leaving netflix internationally august 2021

Orphan Black – Picture: BBC Worldwide

All 5 seasons of the sci-fi action series headlined by Tatiana Maslany are set to leave Netflix outside of the United States in August 2021.

Produced in Canada by Temple Street Productions and BBC America, the series aired on Space in Canada and BBC America in the US. Outside of those two regions, however, the show was sold to Netflix.

Netflix internationally carried the show for many years with seasons 4 and 5 hitting Netflix weekly. Not every region carried it as a Netflix Original, however.

The show came from Graeme Manson and John Fawcett and was about a conspiracy plot that involved producing clones of which were scattered all around the world. It’s not until the witness of a suicide who notices that she looked identical and assumed her identity that the conspiracy begins to unravel.

50 episodes across 5 seasons airing from 2013 and 2017 were produced in total.

In most regions, the series has been streaming since mid-2014 so it’s really one of the earliest Netflix Original exclusives but now it’s time is seemingly coming to an end. It’s set to expire from most regions where it is streaming (at least 35 countries according to Unogs) on August 13th, 2021.

As to where the show will appear next is anyone’s guess. Logically because of BBC’s Worldwide involvement you could see it land on the BBC iPlayer but most likely is it’ll just head to the highest bidder (if one is out there).

Is Orphan Black on Netflix in the US or Canada?

As we’ve covered previously, Netflix in the US or Canada was never a recipient of the show despite it being carried as a Netflix Original title abroad.

For the moment, Prime Video and AMC+ are the two best streaming locations in the US while the show is available in full on Crave in Canada.

With these licenses expiring on Netflix, however, we could see the US and Canadian streaming options move around in due course too.

Will you miss Orphan Black when it leaves Netflix in August 2021? Let us know in the comments down below.

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