‘Young & Hungry’ Leaving Netflix in August 2022

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Young And Hungry Leaving Netflix In August 2022

Young & Hungry – Picture: Freeform

Another era comes to an end in August 2022 with the removal of the last Freeform show to be licensed to Netflix. All 5 seasons of Young & Hungry leave Netflix US are set to leave at the end of August 2022. 

The title was only ever licensed to Netflix in the United States, and as a result, the show is only going to leave there and more than likely rules out the possibility of it ever being licensed.

Created by David Holden, the sitcom series starred Emily Osment and Jonathan Sadowski and was about a tech entrepreneur hiring young Gabi as a personal chef.

It ran for five seasons, although the show was unceremoniously canceled, even leading to a campaign for Netflix to save it.

The show was first added to Netflix in the United States in May 2015 and every year following, we got new seasons added.

The final season, season 5 (which was split up into two halves), arrived on Netflix in June 2017. Now, five years and a bit later, the show’s tenure on Netflix is ending.

As announced as part of the August 2022 removals, the series is due to leave Netflix in full on August 24th, with your last day to watch on Netflix being August 23rd.

Where will Young & Hungry stream after leaving Netflix?

Where Young & Hungry streams next is unknown, sadly.

The show you may think may automatically head over to Disney+ which is a possibility but the show is also co-distributed by CBS Television Studios so it may be the case that the title heads to Paramount+.

Once we get confirmation on where it’s headed next we’ll let you know but if the US is anything like international regions, you may not be able to stream the show anywhere else at all.

This marks the end of Freeform titles on Netflix in the United States. Over the years, we’ve seen the departure of the entire catalog that includes The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Baby Daddy, and My Fake Fiance.

The biggest removals from Netflix in recent years includes Pretty Little Liars which departed Netflix in July 2019 for HBO Max. All 5 seasons of The Fosters left in July 2020 and Switched at Birth was removed in May 2019.

It’s also been the general direction of Disney content on Netflix for a while. The next major removal comes this fall with the removal of Sofia the First. You can see all the remaining Disney-owned titles set to leave Netflix US in the coming years here.