‘FUBAR’ Season 2 on Netflix: Filming Begins April 2024 & What We Know So Far

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fubar season 2 netflix renewal status what we know so far

Picture – FUBAR – Skydance Television / Blackjack Films

FUBAR is returning for a second season. At Netflix TUDUM in June 2023, Netflix unveiled a new blooper reel and announced that season 2 is in development and will begin filming in April 2024.

FUBAR is a Netflix Original action-comedy series helmed by Nick Santora, released on May 25th, 2023. Netflix had to swat away some serious competition to acquire FUBAR, ultimately winning an intense bidding war for what would become Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first television role in over five decades of acting.

In case you haven’t dove into the series yet, here’s what you can expect:

“A father and daughter have both been working as CIA Operatives for years, but each kept their involvement in the CIA hidden from the other, resulting in their entire relationship being a gigantic lie. Upon learning of each other’s involvement in the CIA, the pair are forced to work together as partners, and against the backdrop of explosive action, and espionage, learn who each other really are.”

FUBAR Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Renewed (Last updated: 06/17/2023)
Our Renewal Prediction: Likely Renewal

The series was officially renewed at Netflix’s TUDUM event in Brazil on June 17th, 2023. The announcement came alongside a clip of bloopers from the first season.

We predicted a renewal in early June, citing FUBAR’s forthcoming appearance at TUDUM but also because of the show’s strong performance in its first couple of weeks on the service.

How well has FUBAR performed on Netflix?

We can watch FUBAR’s performance in its first month thanks to numerous sources, which gives us an idea of how well the show performs.

Let’s start off with Netflix’s own stats provided via the Top 10 site.

Here’s the week-to-week hourly performance for FUBAR thus far with three weeks of data.

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Rank Week in Top 10
May 21st, 2023 to May 28th, 2023 88,940,000 1 1
May 28th, 2023 to June 4th, 2023 88,030,000 (-1%) 1 2
June 4th, 2023 to June 11th, 2023 42,280,000 (-52%) 3 3

Although the show didn’t grow its audience from week 1 to week 2, we saw a remarkable hold, especially given the strong week 1 number. If we compare the show’s performance against other Netflix Original series that have all been renewed and are in relatively similar genres, we can see the show is tracking well as of week 2.

fubar viewership vs other netflix original series

FUBAR viewership vs The Recruit, The Night Agent and The Diplomat (all of which scored renewals)

Where is the show performing best on Netflix? Well, it turns out the show is holding and performing well around the globe, according to FlixPatrol, with an impressive hold in positions in the daily Netflix top 10s.

Their data suggests the show has performed well across North America, Europe, India, and Austrlia.

flixpatrol data for fubar on netflix

FlixPatrol data for FUBAR as of June 9th, 2023

How about external demand scores? TelevisionStats.com currently gives the series a “Good Engagement” score of 13.31 and tracked the show being in the top 10 of all shows (not just from Netflix) for seven days.

What to expect from FUBAR Season 2?

Tina as a Russian Double Agent!?

The biggest twist of the season came towards the end of the season when it was revealed that Tina is a Russian double agent who has been spying on the CIA, and the NSA the entire time. What her true motives have yet to be revealed, but she might be trying to drain every last drop of information she can get out of the CIA before reporting back to her Russian comrades.

Why is Tina helping Luke and the CIA?

Despite being a Russian double agent, her true motives have yet to be revealed. Also, aiding Luke, Emma, and the other secret CIA agents is a great way to conceal her identity and continue spying on the CIA.

tina fubar season 2 netflix renewal status what we know so far

Picture. Aparna Brielle as Tina – Skydance Television / Blackjack Films

The dysfunctional family on the run

With their identities revealed Luke, Emma, and the rest of the CIA team will be on the run from the extensive criminal network that they’ve been thwarting.

Nowhere will be safe, and a man of Luke’s size will find it hard to simply blend in. Expect a lot of hilarious attempts to remain hidden from the criminal network, with plenty of hilarious results.

arnie cia luke fubar season 2 netflix renewal status what we know so far

Picture – FUBAR – Skydance Television / Blackjack Films

Will Luke and Emma grow closer?

In the face of perseverance, in particular, multiple death-defying situations, Luke and Emma will eventually bond as father and daughter.

arnie fubar season 2 netflix renewal status what we know so far

Monica Barbaro as Emma Brunner, Jay Baruchel as Carter Perlmutter, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Luke Brunner  – Skydance Television / Blackjack Films

Who would return for FUBAR Season 2?

We would expect the following cast members to return for FUBAR season 2:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Luke Brunner
  • Monica Barbaro as Emma Brunner
  • Milan Carter as Barry
  • Fortune Feimster as Roo
  • Travis Van Winkle as Aldon
  • Fabiana Udenio as Tally Brunner
  • Jay Baruchel as Carter
  • Barbara Eve Harris as Dot
  • Aparna Brielle as Tina
  • Andy Buckley as Donnie
  • Devon Bostick as Oscar

What is the production status of FUBAR season 2?

Official Production Status: Filming Scheduled (Last Updated: 03/04/2024)

Filming for FUBAR season 2 begins on April 29th, 2024, and is scheduled to run until August 12th, 2024.

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently gave an update on his condition after he had a pacemaker installed. He has confirmed that he will be ready to film in April.

When could we expect to see a second season of FUBAR on Netflix?

Release dates are particularly tricky to predict with the ongoing WGA strike.

Filming for the first season reportedly occurred between May 2nd, 2022, and August 25th, 2022. This means the time between filming starting and the series being released on Netflix was just over 12 months.

Between pre-production, filming, and post-production, it could take at least fourteen to fifteen months for the second season of FUBAR to land on Netflix.

With filming taking place between April 2024 and August 2024, we expect to see FUBAR season 2 on Netflix in Q2 or Q3 of 2025.

Are you looking forward to a second season of FUBAR on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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