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Because of the nature of Hulu being locked to the United States, over the years we’ve seen numerous so-called Hulu Originals eventually land on Netflix whether that be simply licensed for a fixed period of time or in some cases, as a Netflix Original. Below, we’ll compile a list of those Hulu Originals that have made their way onto Netflix in some form around the world.

We’re going to split this up into two categories. Hulu Originals that are also Netflix Originals and Hulu Originals that have simply been licensed. The key difference here is that Netflix likely won’t hold onto the licensed titles as long as those they’ve got as Netflix Original.

Although we can’t be 100% sure, we’re expecting this phenomenon to slowly stop over time. That’s because Disney now has its own service to put its movies onto. We’ve already seen that with a number of Hulu Originals that get added to Netflix

Hulu Originals Listed as Netflix Originals


Released on Hulu: October 18th, 2019
Released on Netflix: October 19th, 2019
Genre: Horror
Directed by: Babak Anvari

wounds netflix


Released on Hulu: November 20th, 2020
Released on Netflix: April 3rd, 2021 but only in a select few regions – Lionsgate holds rights in all other international regions.
Genre: Thriller
Directed by: Aneesh Chaganty

run 2020 netflix


Released on Hulu: December 17th, 2021
Released on Netflix: January 7th, 2022
Genre: Sci-fi
Directed by: Mattson Tomlin

mother android netflix movie

Hulu Originals Licensed to Netflix

Availability provided by Unogs – correct as of April 26th, 2022.

  • The Mindy Project (Seasons 1-6) – Released on Hulu (after being at Fox) on September 9th, 2015 – Available on Netflix in Australia and India – Distributed by NBC Universal Television Distribution.
  • Casual (Seasons 1-4) – Released on Hulu October 5th, 2015 – Available on Netflix in Canada and Australia – Distributed by Lionsgate Television.
  • Castle Rock (Seasons 1-2) – Released on Hulu July 25th, 2018 – Available on Netflix in Asian regions – Distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution.
  • Big Time Adolescence – Released on Hulu March 13th, 2020 – Available on Netflix in Australia and India,
  • Palm Springs – Released on Hulu July 10th, 2020 – Available on Netflix India.
  • Happiest Season – Released on Hulu November 25th, 2020 – Available on Netflix in at least 13 countries – Licensed by Sony Pictures.
  • The Hardy Boys – Released on Hulu December 4th, 2020 – Available on Netflix in Canada.
  • Boss Level – Released on Hulu March 5th, 2021 – Available in select Netflix regions.
  • Bad Hair – Released on Hulu October 23rd, 2020 – Available on Netflix UK & South Korea

There you have it. All of the Hulu Originals currently streaming on Netflix. Welcome to the complicated world of licensing! Let us know if you’ve watched any of the Hulu Originals on Netflix in the comments below.

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