Is Stranger Things Season 4 Coming to Netflix at Christmas?

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Stranger Thing season 4 – Picture: Netflix

Chances are you’ve already finished your binge of Stranger Things season 3 and wondering when season 4 is due to release. As we’ve covered a couple of times before, the show is almost certainly going to get renewed but is the new series coming out at Christmas? We’ve got some compelling evidence to suggest that we’re either getting a Christmas special or season 4 could be coming in December 2020. 

Before we get into the crux of the article, here’s what we know so far. We know that Stranger Things hasn’t officially been renewed for season 4 although it is expected. We also know we’ve had to wait roughly for at least a year and a half for each season to release thus far.

This is where we come onto the Christmas theory. Each season (with the exception arguably for season 1) has been set in a time period. Season 2 covered fall with most of the episodes being set over Halloween and Thanksgiving. Season 3 was set on and the days leading up to July 4th.

That leads us to this behind the scenes video. In the thumbnail, you can see Christmas decorations and many times throughout too.

From 2 minutes 15 seconds in the video, we get a tour of Will’s Mums house basement. Gaten gives us a look around the set and says “it’s pretty much the same basement you know and love from seasons 1 and 2”. Gaten is also notably sporting his season 3 attire. We get a tour around the room which has Christmas decorations spread everywhere.

Gaten Matarazzo video tour of set of Stranger Things

Gaten even mentions the Christmas decorations saying “getting ready for Christmas for reasons I don’t know”.

Nowhere in season 3 was Christmas mentioned and the last time we had a Christmas segment was at the very end of season 1.

So what’s going on here? We’ve got two theories.

Theory 1 – Stranger Things Christmas Special 2019

Our first thoughts are that we could be due a Stranger Things Christmas special to round out the year. Although we got a big tease of what to expect from season 4 at the end of season 3, we could have some more set up over the Christmas holidays.

Netflix has produced holiday specials before, Sense8 famously got a Christmas episode several years ago.

Theory 2 – Stranger Things season 4 releases on Netflix at Christmas 2020

It’s been speculated that season 4 has begun filming fairly quickly but it’s still expected there’ll be a long wait. Christmas 2020 fits in with the year and a half wait for each season.

What theory do you think is correct or have they set up Chrismas decorations just to mess with us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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