‘Marvel Anime X-Men & Wolverine’ Coming to Netflix in December 2020

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marvel anime series coming to netflix in december 2020

Marvel Anime X-Men and Wolverine – Picture: Madhouse / Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Marvel is a brand with the majority of its content now moved over to Disney+, however, Netflix still continues to host an array of assorted content from the Marvel Universe which is set to expand in December with two new series arriving on December 16th, 2020 in most Netflix regions.

Marvel Anime was an anime venture that took popular licenses from the Marvel world and turned them into various series and movies. The four TV series included Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men, and Blade. These series aired originally in the US on the now-defunct G4.

The studio behind the titles is Madhouse and the series was distributed in the US by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment while originally airing on Animax in Japan.

The two series coming to Netflix in December 2020 is Marvel Anime: Wolverine and Marvel Anime: X-Men which arrive on Netflix in the US and the UK (other regions may vary) on December 16th, 2020.

It’s unclear whether both English and Japanese dubs will be available.

What Marvel Anime series are coming to Netflix?

Marvel Anime: X-Men consists of 12 episodes features Cyclops, Professor X, Wolverine, Storm, Armor, and Beast. The series is set shortly after the death of Jean Grey and sees the squad fly to Japan after Armor is abducted.

Scott Porter, Steve Blum, Steve Staley, Cam Clarke and Troy Baker all voices various characters in the English dub.

Marvel Anime: Wolverine once again consists of 12 episodes and follows Logan as he looks for his missing girlfriend, Mariko Yashida.

Dubbing for the English version of the series includes talent such as Milo Ventimiglia and Gwendoline Yeo.

Although Marvel on the whole is now heavily consolidated on Disney+, Netflix still holds a number of titles from the universe.

Netflix most recently got an assorted bunch of animated features back in April 2020 with the addition of Hulk Vs., Next Avengers, Planet Hulk and Thor: Tales of Asgard. Of course, Netflix is home to all of The Defenders series it commissioned (with Daredevil rights recently transferring back over to Disney).

Are you looking forward to these new anime series joining Netflix? Would you like to see the Iron Man and Blade anime series join too? Let us know in the comments down below.

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