‘The Matrix Trilogy’ Returning to Netflix in May 2019

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The Matrix – Warner Brothers

The Matrix Trilogy will be returning to Netflix on May 1st, 2019 on Netflix although it’s expected that only the United States will be the recipient. It’s not the first time The Matric has been on Netflix but it may be close to being the last time. 

The last time all three of the Matrix movies were streaming on Netflix was back in August 2017 when it arrived on the first of the month. As with most movie licenses on Netflix it was only available for a few months and was subsequently removed on November 1st.

The announcement over the dedicated sci-fi account for Netflix on Twitter announced the release yesterday to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie’s release.

The Matrix at 20 years old

There’s an excellent look back in The Atlantic at the movie trilogy that arguably changed sci-fi movies for the better when it first released in 1999.

The announcement is one of the first (excluding Netflix Originals) releases announced for May 2019 so far. We’re currently expecting lots of The CW shows to get updated in May too.

The Wachowskis behind the movies never quite hit their peak again. They had minor successes with their later movies and had a two-season stint with Sense8 before it was canceled.

Why The Matrix will likely never come to Netflix after 2019

Above we mentioned this may be one of the last times you may have to stream The Matrix on Netflix. That’s because the movie is distributed by Warner Brothers who have been quietly prepping their own streaming service behind the scenes that are supposedly due for release this year.

That means that most Warner Brothers will probably be locked behind that streaming service including the Harry Potter movies that still haven’t arrived on Netflix in the US despite being available elsewhere.

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