Will Supernatural Spin-off The Winchesters be on Netflix?

Netflix has reason to license the new spin-off but can and will they?

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will the winchesters be on netflix

The Winchesters – Picture: The CW

Supernatural fans will no doubt be aware the series is coming back with a new spin-off in October 2022 titled The Winchesters. While not a direct sequel, the spin-off is dubbed “A Supernatural Love Story,” but will it come to Netflix? Here’s what we know at the moment. 

The new fantasy series, narrated by Jensen Ackles, is a prequel series to Supernatural. Here’s what the new spin-off series is about:

“Set in the 1970s, Dean Winchester narrates the story of how his parents John Winchester and Mary Campbell met, fell in love and fought monsters together while in search for their missing fathers.”

The Winchesters is one of the new debut shows for The CW in 2022.

No streaming home has been announced for The Winchesters in the US

To date, Warner Bros. Discovery, who distributes the show, has yet to announce where the show will ultimately end up streaming.

The series is will not head to Netflix as part of the old deal the streamer had with The CW that collapsed in 2019.

Since that collapse, all of The CW’s shows have gone to HBO Max or Paramount (mostly the former) despite being initially reported that shows will be auctioned.

Of course, we’ve also seen The CW network sold since then, and the number of shows airing on the network (and coming to Netflix) dwindle.

The sole exception to this rule has been All American: Homecoming, which was pulled from the HBO Max schedule this summer to head to Netflix.

Earlier this year, Netflix’s head of drama, Jenny Howe, talked about the decision to pick up the streaming rights to All American: Homecoming saying, “It’s proven out that a lot of that existing fan base has poured over to Homecoming, and obviously we have such a great relationship with the producers,” adding “this felt like a great show to serve to our members.”

We mention that because Howe specifically points out that the spin-off to Homecoming already had an audience on Netflix thanks to All American streaming in full.

final season supernatural on netflix

Supernatural – Picture: The CW / Warner Bros. Discovery

That’s because Netflix, from that old deal with The CW, has all 15 seasons of SupernaturalNetflix US is expected to keep said show until late 2025.

So with an audience already on Netflix, there’s the built-in audience that would make Netflix consider acquiring the streaming rights. However, the default platform is still HBO Max, given the underlying ownership of the show.

We should learn about the medium-term streaming platform in early 2023.

Do not expect The Winchesters to arrive on Netflix internationally

Outside of the United States, while no streaming homes have been announced, it’s highly unlikely Netflix will acquire the streaming rights.

That’s because the original series is only available in Japan outside the US (even then, it’s only a select few seasons).

Add to that Netflix hasn’t licensed a show from The CW in many years, we’d heavily bet the show won’t be headed to Netflix internationally.

We’ll keep you posted on the streaming availability of The Winchesters as and when we get it. Let us know in the comments if you want to see the show head to Netflix!

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