Best New Anime Added to Netflix in September 2018

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It’s been a fantastic month so far for brand new anime releases. Whether it’s additions of old seasons (and in one case the fact that it’s no longer leaving Netflix), brand new Netflix Originals or classic, your Netflix subscription just got a bit better thanks to these new additions.

This post will get an additional update at the end of September 2018 before we then do another post picking the best new anime titles midway through October 2018. You can already see a few anime titles queued up for October in our Originals coming soon post.

Now onto the best new anime titles added to Netflix so far in September 2018.

Naruto (All Seasons)

On the day of Naruto Uzamaki’s birth, the village of Konoha was attacked by the 9-tailed fox demon. In order to protect the village Naruto’s father, the 4th Hokage sacrificed his like and sealed the demon in his newborn son. … And Sakura Haruno who is Naruto’s love interest who of course loves his rival Sasuke.

For a while, it was looking a bit touch and go on whether or not Naruto was ever going to have the remaining season release on Netflix before this month it was previously reported that Naruto was set to leave Netflix! But to the surprise of many Naruto is here to stay and along with it came all 220 episodes of the series!

We could see Naruto: Shipudden arrive on Netflix but we shall see, so for now, enjoy Naruto!

Last Hope: Part 1 (September 14th)

On the day the Xianglong Crisis occurred in 2031, Leon Lau was right in the middle of the unfolding events. The Quantum Reactor, a next-generation energy device developed to replace dwindling environmental resources, exploded and unleashed an unknown energy.
As a result, the global environment changed overnight. Living things (besides humans) and machines each underwent their own unique evolution, and the B.R.A.I. (Biological Revolutionary of Accelerated Intelligence) entities in particular evolved and came into being. Because of them, humanity was driven to the brink of extinction. Humans fight the B.R.A.I with M.O.E.V. (Multi-purpose Organic Evolution Vehicle) variable units.

The Anime aired back in Japan on March 29th, 2018 and soon was broadcast on Tokyo MX from April 4th. Each episode was released weekly from then on until its last episode set to air on the 26th of September. The story is split into 2 halves with part one now released worldwide and the 2nd half release is expected sometime in 2019.

Mobile Suit Gundam UC (September 20th)

The main story takes place in UC 0096, sixteen years after the end of the One Year War, three years after the events of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack, and 27 years before Mobile Suit Gundam F91. The story revolves around Banagher Links, a seemingly normal boy living and going to school in the space colonies.

The series originally aired in Japan back in 2010 on the PlayStation Network and was eventually released as a 22 episode part series for English audiences in America on Adult Swim’s Toonami, on Netflix, this is airing in its original 7 episode run that is roughly 50 to 60 Minutes per episode.

Dragon Pilot (Season 1)

Date Added: September 21st

The series follows the adventures of rookie pilot Hisone and her OTF (Organic Transformed Flyer) Dragon Masotan. After being chosen by Masotan to be his pilot Hisone and Masotan ascend to the skies. Amongst the legends of the world, Masotan’s Dragon species could be the key to unlocking the future of the world.

Written by Mari Okada and animated by Bones Inc. the first season will have 12 episodes each with a run time of roughly 25 Minutes. No word yet on a season two but depending on the reception the show recieves they may push for a second season for next year! Want to know more? Read our dedicated preview!

Lost Song

Release Date: September 28th

Young passionate and energetic countryside girl Rin journeys to her countries capital to sing while songstress Finis spends time alone trying her best to help the war front. In this world, Rin and Finis have the ability to sing spirit songs, a magical ability of great legend that allows the user to manipulate the four elements and bring forth miracles. With their destinies entwined, will the final song be of hope or despair?

“Lost Song” is an original Anime created by Veteran Japanese actor Junpei Morita, both writing and directing the series it debuted on Japan’s Netflix earlier this year on the 31st of March, before airing on Japanese television networks soon after Netflix announced the series would come to the streaming service for its global audience. The series won’t be expecting another season so its 13 episode run will look to cover the entire story arc.

Forest of Piano

Release Date: 28th September

The series follows two young boys, the prodigy Kai Inchinose and piano student Shuhei Amamiya. Kai lives in the red light district but escapes from his home at night to play piano in the middle of the forest at night.  Shuhei is grade school pianist and as fate would have it Shuhei transfers to Kai’s school. After being picked on by bullies Shuhei is dared to go into the forest play music on the abandoned piano, where he meets Kai and they soon become friends.  Kai is the only one able to play on the abandoned Piano, impressed by his ability Shuhei asks him to take Piano lessons. Kai is resistant to taking lessons but it isn’t until Kai hears Sosuke play a piece of music from Chopin that he can’t seem to play himself he finally gives in…

“Forest of Piano” is the simplified translation but this series is based on the Manga novels of the same name “Piano no Mori: The Perfect World of Kai”, debuting back in 1998 the Manga written by Makoto Isshiki ran for 26 Volumes with its last volume releasing back in 2015. Back in 1985, Makaoto Isshiki was inspired by the winner of a Chopin International Piano Competition, 13 years later she would release the first Volume of “Forest of Piano” with Chopin’s music the core of the story.

If any more anime drops throughout September we’ll make sure to update this list! Are you excited for any of the anime released/releasing this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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