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We’re back with another roundup of international content that’ll be coming to your screens in 2021. This week, we’re sharing the upcoming German-language Netflix Original movies and series landing next year. 

This article covers all of the Original German-language movies and shows that we expect to see next year. In the interests of accuracy, we’ve left off any rumored or pre-production content. For instance, we know that many viewers will be excited about the adaptation of Tyll, but we just don’t have much information about that just yet.

If you’ve missed some of our other regional previews such as all the Spanish language or Turkish Originals coming in 2021, check those out.

The current pandemic is still wreaking havoc with production schedules, so you’ll have to forgive us if any of this gets pushed back into 2022.

German Original Movies

Blood Red Sky


If movies have taught us anything, it’s that weird stuff always happens on night flights. In Blood Red Sky, an international flight from Berlin to New York is hijacked by a group of terrorists. Fortunately, one of the desperate passengers happens to have supernatural powers, and she’s not afraid to use them to defend herself and her son.

This German-English film is also referred to online as Transatlantic 473. It should arrive on Netflix in late 2021.

Black Island

This German thriller looks suitably dark and spooky, perfect for enjoying on a cold winter’s evening. We’re not sure when exactly this one will land on our screens. However, you can already set a reminder on Netflix, which is a good sign.

The movie is co-produced by Odean. Here’s a synopsis we gathered from an Odean press release (translated):

After the tragic death of his parents, high school graduate Jonas lives with his grandfather on a North Sea island. It is a time of new beginnings, the time of the first great love. The arrival of the new, young German teacher Helena turns Jonas’ life completely upside down. She recognizes and encourages his writing talent and uses this trust to build an intimate relationship with him. Little does Jonas suspect that Helena is pursuing a deadly plan. Black Island is a multi-layered thriller that tells of the fateful relationship between a student and his teacher.

Debut Original TV shows


This upcoming Austrian series promises decadence, drama, and mystery. Glamour says it’s a teen series to rival the likes of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. Given the success of those two shows, Kitz has a lot to live up to.

Here’s what we know about the plot, so far (translated):

Nineteen-year-old Lisi from Kitzbühel enters the decadent world of a Munich clique a year after the tragic death of her brother, who come to the luxury ski resort to celebrate every season. But Lisi soon kicks off an avalanche that brings out the truth behind the facade full of glamor, money and hedonism – with uncontrollable consequences

Tribes of Europa


Tribes of Europa is another teen series coming to Netflix in 2021. However, this one sounds a lot more sinister.

It’s 2070, and three siblings fight for survival in an apocalyptic, post-war Europe. But, they’re not alone, as numerous tribes struggle for control of the devastated continent.

Tribes of Europa features up-and-coming teen actors Henriette Confurius, Emilio Sakraya, and David Ali Rashed. The series is produced by Wiedemann & Berg, who also created German Netflix hit, Dark.

We expect to see Tribes of Europa land in early 2021, so not long to wait.

Das Hausboot / The Houseboat

This one’s for the DIY fans. Follow German musician and presenter, Ollie Schulz, and YouTuber, Fynn Kliemann as they attempt to renovate a houseboat.

We predict this one will be more comedic, than instructional, but we could all do with a little light relief going into the next year.

The Houseboat should be available on Netflix in early 2021.

Returning German Netflix Originals coming in 2021

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)


The hit coming-of-age series returns for its third season in 2021.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is a dark comedy inspired by the true-life story of Maximilian S. who was found guilty in 2015 for the sale and distribution of over 914kg of drugs on the darknet and clearnet. We expect this one to land on Netflix in Fall 2021.

Check out our full article on what to expect from season three of How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). 



After a successful launch in summer 2020, Netflix quickly confirmed that Biohackers would be returning for a second season. Depending on the pandemic’s filming constraints, we expect to see Biohackers towards the end of 2021.

This German techno-thriller follows a student’s exploration of biohacking in an attempt to make sense of her brother’s death.

Which German-language Original are you most excited about in 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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