New K-Dramas on Netflix in March 2023

Here are the new k-dramas on Netflix in March 2023.

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new k dramas on netflix in march 2023

March won’t be quite as busy as February, but there is still time for plenty more titles to be announced. The month will still be great for subscribers with some incredibly exciting new dramas on the way. Here are the new k-dramas on Netflix in March 2023.

In case you missed them, we’ve also kept track of the latest k-drama releases in February 2023.

N = Netflix Orignal

New Netflix Original K-Dramas on Netflix in March 2023

The Glory (Part 2) N

New Episodes: 8
Genre: Drama, Thriller | Runtime: 50 Minutes
Cast: Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Im Ji Yeon, Park Sung Hoon, Yeom Hye Ran
Netflix Release Date: March 10th, 2023

The exciting new k-drama that arrived at the end of 2022 will return with eight more episodes! At 189 million viewing hours, an extra eight episodes could easily see those numbers go beyond 300 million, making it one of the biggest k-drama releases on Netflix since All of Us Are Dead.

Moon Dong Eun dreamed of becoming an architect in her high-school days. However, after suffering from a brutally violent attack by her bullies, Moon Dong Eun is forced to drop out of school. Years later, the bully married, has a child, and attends the same elementary school where Moon Dong Eun now works as the homeroom teacher. After years of plotting, Moon Don Eun begins her revenge plan against her former bullies and the students who stood by and let it happen.

New K-Drama Movies on Netflix in March 2023

Kill Boksoon (2023) N

Director: Byun Sung Hyun
Genre: Action, Thriller| Runtime: 137 Minutes
Cast: Jeon Do Yeon, Sol Kyung Gu, Esom, Koo Kyo Hwan, Kim Shi Ah
Netflix Release Date: March 31st, 2023

We’ve been waiting a significant amount of time for the release of Kill Boksoon on Netflix. Expect the thriller to be one of the best South Korean releases on Netflix in 2023.

Single mother Kill Bok Soon is one of the world’s deadliest assassins thanks to her 100% success rate on contract killings. Bok Soon works for M.K Ent, which is run by the man that taught her, Cha Min Kyo. The pair hold mutual respect for each other, but Kill Bok Soon understands that a moment’s notice could take everything away from her. Just before Kill Bok Soon was due to renew her contract, loyalties are put to the test when Bok Soon is involved in a kill-or-be-killed incident.

New Weekly Netflix Original K-Dramas on Netflix in March 2023

Divorce Attorney Shin (Season 1) N

Episodes: 12
Genre: Law, Drama | Runtime: 60 Minutes
Cast: Cho Seung Woo, Han Hye Jin, Kim Sung Kyun, Jung Moon Sung, Kang Mal Geum
Netflix Release Date: March 4th, 2023 | New Episodes: Saturday, Sunday

For a brief second, we were worried that we wouldn’t see a new weekly k-drama on Netflix in March, however, jTBC has pulled through and a new legal drama will fill out the month of March and into April.

The story of a talented divorce lawyer punnily named Shin Sung Han. As an expert divorce lawyer, the incredibly sensitive Shin Sung Han must deal with clients who are wild beyond belief, but he finds solace in his two closest friends and fellow “40-year-old youths” Jang Hyung Geun and Jo Jung Sik.

New Licensed K-Dramas on Netflix in March 2023

Diary of a Prosecutor (Season 1) N

Episodes: 16
Genre: Law, Drama | Runtime: 65 Minutes
Cast: Lee Sun Kyun, Jung Ryeo Won, Lee Sung Jae, Lee Sang Hee, Kim Kwang Gyu
Netflix Release Date: March 1st, 2023

Another great jTBC k-drama that Netflix missed out on in 2019 is finally being added to Netflix in March 2023.

Lee Sun Woong works at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in his local district. On the outside, he looks a bit slow and like he has no ambitions in life, but his inner self is different from what he appears on the outside. Cha Myung Joo is an elite prosecutor, who was rising on the ladder of success at the Central District Prosecutor’s Office before being sent to a branch office.

Unlock My Boss (Season 1)

Episodes: 16 | Seasons: 1
Genre: Comedy, Thriller | Runtime: 60 Minutes
Cast: Chae Jong Hyeop, Park Sung Woong, Seo Eun Soo, Heo Ji Na, Kim Sung Oh
Netflix Release Date: March 6th, 2023

Depending on where you are in the world determined which platform Unlock My Boss would be released on. Netflix US just missed out on the series at the end of 2022, but k-drama fans haven’t had to wait long for its arrival in 2023.

Kim Sun-Joo is a developer and the founder and CEO of an IT company. One day, without knowing why, he is chased by someone who is trying to kill him. He gets stabbed by that person and as he senses death looming, he feels his spirit being sucked into his smartphone. His spirit then gets stuck in the smartphone.

Returning Weekly K-Dramas on Netflix in March 2023

Crash Course in Romance (Season 1)

Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy, Romance | Runtime: TBA
Cast: Jeon Do Yeon, Jung Kyung Ho, Ro Yoon Seo, Lee Bong Ryun
Netflix Finale Date: Sunday, March 5th, 2023 | New Episodes: Saturday and Sunday

The drama currently sits in 18th place as the highest-rated cable drama in South Korean history. With a handful of episodes left, there is still plenty of time for Crash Course in Romance to climb higher.

A mother with a heart of gold navigates the cut-throat world of private education when her daughter tries to join a celebrity math instructor’s class.

New Korean Docuseries on Netflix in March 2023

In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal (Limited Series) N

New Episodes: 8
Genre: Docuseries, Drama | Runtime: TBA
Cast: N/A
Netflix Release Date: March 3rd, 2023

An eight-episode true-crime documentary that explores the self-proclaimed ‘messiahs’ in modern Korean history and the shocking events behind them.

What k-dramas are you looking forward to watching on Netflix in March 2023? Let us know in the comments below

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