Peep Show License Renewed at Netflix UK; Fresh Meat Still Leaving in September 2023

Two critically acclaimed comedy seres are two of several Channel 4 series leaving Netflix.

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peep show leaving netflix uk

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Brits were set to be losing two fan-favorite Channel 4 comedy series in September 2023, with all nine seasons of Peep Show leaving and all four of Fresh Meat. While it’s true for the latter, Netflix is keeping Peep Show for at least another year.

Note: this article only applies to Netflix in the United Kingdom – other regions don’t have either show available.

Neither show requires much introduction, given they’ve become such mainstays in British culture, but here’s a quick rundown of the two shows.

Fresh Meat is a sitcom led by Jack Whitehall (who has a number of specials and documentaries on Netflix, including an upcoming series called Fatherhood With My Father) about six individuals embarking on the most exciting journey of their lives so far: university

Peep Show on the other hand follows two people in their late 20s heading into their 30s sharing a flat together with neither having quite figured out their place in the world.

When is Peep Show and Fresh Meat leaving Netflix UK?

A removal date can be seen on both the mobile and web application for Netflix with a Last Day to Watch notice showing on both:

Fresh Meat is still set to leave Netflix on September 27th with your last day to watch being September 26th. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the show removed. It departed in 2015 for a short period.

Peep Show was set to be removed entirely on September 29th, with your last day to watch being September 28th. That notice (seen below) has now been removed and we’re told has been renewed through September 2024.

removal date for peep show on netflix

Removal date for Peep Show on Netflix

Where can I stream Peep Show and Fresh Meat?

Once these two shows do eventually depart Netflix, they could be licensed somewhere else, but the primary way to watch will be through the Channel 4 website. You have the option of watching with advertisements or going ad-free with Channel 4+.

We should note that removals are subject to change and that the show’s license to Netflix could be renewed like we’ve seen with Peep Show already. Channel 4 continues to license a plethora of its library to Netflix in the United Kingdom.

These aren’t the only Channel 4 shows leaving next month either. The four-part limited series starring Sarah Lancashire called The Accident departs on September 20th alongside National Treasure released in 2016. Desmond’s departs Netflix UK on October 1st alongside Crashing and Chewing Gum.

Want to see everything leaving Netflix UK throughout September 2023? We’ve got you covered, plus we’ve also got a separate removal guide for the United States.

Will you miss these two Channel 4 classics when they depart from Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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