‘The Good Place’ Leaving Netflix Early As 2025

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the good place leaving netflix

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As part of an investigation with the Hollywood trade magazine The Wrap, we’ve revealed some licensed titles that stand to be removed from Netflix over the next few years. One is The Good Place which could be leaving Netflix in the US as soon as 2025. 

Starring Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, D’Arcy Carden, and Manny Jacinto, the NBC comedy series is unlike anything else you’ll watch on Netflix. It’s set in a heaven-like afterlife where we follow Eleanor Shellstorp on a journey for self-improvement.

It’s one of our favorite TV shows on Netflix, with 53 episodes streaming exclusively on the service for the past few years.

As mentioned, a joint investigation by The Wrap and What’s on Netflix has revealed the expiry dates of Netflix’s most popular licensed titles. The titles listed with their potential expiry dates included Breaking Bad, New Girl, Supernatural, and Shameless.

Before we dig into dates, we must stress that these are preliminary dates and are absolutely subject to change. Netflix often renews licenses before they’re up or relicenses titles after they’ve departed.

With that said, NBCUniversal (who owns the show) has been clawing back some of their big shows from Netflix US in recent years, such as The Office, 30 Rock (which was re-added for a year), and Parks & Recreation.

When will The Good Place leave Netflix in the United States?

The Good Place was notably one of the last ever NBC shows to come to Netflix. While Netflix still gets new seasons of The Blacklist, all new broadcast shows go to Hulu or Peacock (the latter exclusively starting in September 2022).

Our current intel suggests that all 4 seasons of The Good Place will leave Netflix in the US on September 26th, 2025.

This date isn’t random, it’s exactly 5 years following the final season being added in September 2020.

When will The Good Place leave Netflix internationally?

Internationally, the show was licensed to Netflix slightly differently from the United States. Outside the US, the show was added weekly and is notably labeled as a Netflix Original title.

Despite having a Netflix Original label, that doesn’t mean the show remains on Netflix indefinitely (as we’ve covered elsewhere).

Internationally, Netflix is set to keep the show a year longer than the US. Our intel suggests the show will likely leave the service on September 27th, 2026.

That’s exactly 7 years after the final season began dropping weekly internationally.

Again, we must stress these dates could be extended if Netflix opts to renew.

Will you miss The Good Place if it leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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