When will ‘Arrow’ Seasons 1-8 Leave Netflix?

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when will arrow leave netflix

Arrow – Picture: Warner Brothers

Every season of The CW’s Arrow is now on Netflix where it will remain for the next few years. However, after its contract is up, it will be leaving Netflix as per other The CW shows that have departed. Here’s our best estimation as to when season 1-8 of Arrow will be leaving Netflix and where it’ll be heading.

Arrow is one of the biggest shows The CW has produced and led the way for a resurgence of DC titles on the small US network. Stephen Amell played the role of Oliver Queen, a playboy billionaire who spends his days and evenings clearing up the city of bad guys.

The series first aired in 2013 and has been streaming on Netflix US since September 2014.

When exactly will Arrow be leaving? That’s still yet to be officially confirmed but we can look at the likes of The Tomorrow People and 90210 to make a good guess.

In the case of The Tomorrow People it was exactly five years after the series final season was added to Netflix.

Arrow season 8 was added to Netflix on February 5th, 2020.

If that’s the case for Arrow, we’ll be seeing Arrow leaving Netflix in February 2025. That’s obviously a long time away so gives you plenty of wiggle room to watch Arrow many times over and catch the crossover events too such as the most recent Crisis on Infinite Earths event.

Other Netflix regions will also likely lose the caped bow-and-arrow wielding superhero series too but not on the US timeline. Unfortunately, we can’t predict when it’ll leave outside the US.

As we’ve covered before, the Arrowverse on Netflix will still be strong going forward. It’ll continue getting new seasons of The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning so long as Warner and The CW keep producing them.

Where will Arrow stream once it leaves Netflix?

That’s not 100% certain at this point, however smart money would be on HBO Max or DC Universe (assuming it still exists at that point).

HBO Max is Warner Medias big attempt at competing with Netflix and has a large DC collection of series and movies.

The only thing we’d look to that would say Arrow isn’t heading to HBO Max is that Smallville currently resides on Hulu. The Tomorrow People, the example we used earlier, has yet to find any new home although it’s likely due to the fact it was a co-production between CBS and Warner Brothers Television.

Will you miss Arrow once it leaves in 2025 (if not earlier), let us know in the comments down below.

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