ESPN Documentary ‘Born to Play’ Arrives on Netflix US

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born to play espn documentary arrives on netflix us

First airing on ESPN on July 1st, the documentary Born to Play has just touched down on Netflix in the United States. 

The hour and a half documentary is directed by Viridiana Lieberman who has produced and directed documentaries including Last Run, Hypotheticals, and Fattitude.

Born to Play follows the athletes of the Boston Renegades who are a women’s tackle football team. You’ll get to follow these unpaid athletes who put their life on hold to achieve their sporting dreams.

The movie runs at around an hour and a half long and debuted first on ESPN back on July 1st, 2021. The title was announced to come to Netflix back in late June as part of Netflix’s July 2021 lineup.

The documentary is produced by Park Pictures.

The addition of an ESPN title isn’t particularly new but increasingly rare as with all Disney-owned content on Netflix US. In recent years, Disney has turned the tap off to most providers (with Amazon being a notable exception) with Netflix losing the most losing pay-1 window movies and other TV series from the likes of Disney Channel and ABC.

Netflix notably did co-produce the most-watched ESPN documentary ever in the form of The Last Dance which Netflix released internationally as a Netflix Original series and arrived on Netflix US last summer.

The arrival of Born to Play complements a huge array of American Football documentaries on Netflix. Last Chance U is perhaps the most known but QB1: Beyond the Lights and recently released We are The Brooklyn Saints is also well worth watching.

Those without Netflix can still watch the documentary on ESPN’s player.

Will you be checking out Born to Play on Netflix or have you just watched it? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

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