Is K-Drama Series ‘Goblin’ Currently on Netflix?

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Considered to be one of the greatest South Korean dramas of all time, Goblin has been one of the most requested K-Dramas for Netflix. With the current output of K-Dramas on the streaming service, fans have been left spoilt for choice, but regardless, Goblin is what the fans want but sadly the series isn’t currently available to stream in all Netflix regions. We do have information on where you can find Goblin online, and where in the world you can find Goblin on Netflix.

Goblin, or Guardian: The Lonely Great God is a popular South Korean romantic-drama series written by Kim Eun-sook. The series, produced by Studio Dragon, is one the most popular Korean dramas in history and is officially the third highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history. The series had a massive cultural impact on South Korea, influencing fashion and social media trends. Naturally, a series so popular in South Korea quickly made its way across the world, earning itself plenty of fans worldwide and increased demand for streaming.

The immortal Goblin, Kim Shin, has lived for over 900 years, carrying out his job as the protector of souls. Tired of his immortal existence, for hundreds of years he has been seeking a mortal bride capable of ending his suffering. In the modern-day, young high-schooler Ji Eun-tak accidentally summons the Goblin but is immune to his power. The supernatural being takes interest in Ji Eun-tak, hoping that she could one day by the mortal-bride he needs to send him to the afterlife so he can rest in peace.

Is Goblin streaming on Netflix US?

Despite the increasing demand for Goblin on the Netflix US library, the series has still yet to feature on the streaming service.

At the time of writing, the only way audiences in America can watch Goblin is through the streaming service Rakuten Viki. After checking the site, it appears that episodes of Goblin are free to watch as long as you create an account with the streaming service. If you wish to watch more dramas on the site that are locked behind a paywall, a tiny subscription of $29.99 for the year or $34.99 for the year with early access and movies.

Will Goblin ever come to Netflix US?

The influence Netflix has on K-Dramas right now cannot be understated, and with the recent announcement that Netflix has further continued its relationship with South Korean broadcasters, JTBC and CJ ENM.

Studio Dragon, a subsidiary withing CJ ENM, is also included within the deal for producing Original content for Netflix, and for the streaming service to broadcast Studio Dragon’s network tv shows. This is significant because Studio Dragon is the producer of Goblin. While the deal doesn’t include titles before 2020, the healthy working relationship between Netflix and Studio Dragon would indicate there’s a high chance that Goblin could arrive on the US library in the near future.

Is Goblin available to stream on Netflix in other regions?

At the time of writing, there are only two regions streaming Goblin on Netflix, Japan and Singapore.

Thankfully for anyone looking to stream Goblin, Rakuten Viki is available globally and signing up is free. Each region does have its own library, so be prepared if Goblin isn’t available in your region.

Would you like to see Goblin streaming in your region? Let us know in the comments below.

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