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Netflix Preview October 2019 New Releases

Welcome to your comprehensive full look at what’s in store for Netflix in the United States throughout October 2019. The month is scheduled to be jammed pack full of new titles with a strong lineup of horror titles for Halloween too. Here’s an ongoing look at all the TV series and movies coming to Netflix in October. 

Don’t forget although Netflix giveth, it also taketh away. Keep up with all the removals here.

Although this list features basic information on each of the titles, for Netflix Originals you can find out more in our October 2019 Netflix Original preview.

Netflix has produced a sizzle-reel of what to expect next month:

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Last updated: October 17th, 2019.

Coming to Netflix in October 2019 to Netflix US

Weekly Episodes Coming to Netflix US in October 2019

  • Explained (Season 2) N – New episodes on Thursdays
  • The Great British Baking Show N – New episodes Fridays
  • Rhythm + Flow N – New episodes weekly starting October 9th.
  • The Lies Within (Season 1) N – New episodes coming Sundays starting October 13th
  • When the Camellia Blooms (Season 1) N – New episodes on Wednesdays
  • Vagabond (Season 1) N – New episodes on Fridays

Coming to Netflix on October 1st

Carmen Sandiego S2 October Netflix

  • 96 Days (2016) – Horror/thriller about what happens when a deadly virus hits a megacity with 21 million inhabitants.
  • A.M.I. (2019) – New horror about a girl who bonds with an AI on her phone and goes on a rampage on its command.
  • Along Came a Spider (2001) – Thriller starring Morgan Freeman about a congressman’s daughter who has been kidnapped.
  • Bad Boys (1995) & Bad Boys II (2003) – Martin Lawrence and Will Smith plays two cops in these Michael Bay epics (with explosions).
  • Blow (2001) – Biopic on George Jung starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz.
  • Bring It On, Ghost (Season 1) – Korean comedy series about a high school ghost.
  • Carmen Sandiego (Season 1) N – The super sleuth continues her globe-trotting journey bringing down criminals.

  • Charlie’s Angels (2000) – Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lui, and Drew Barrymore star as kickass detectives.
  • Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) – The sequel sees the Angels investigate a series of murders after the disappearance of a witness protection database.

  • Cheese in the Trap (Season 1) – Korean comedy series about a student and her senior.
  • Chicago Typewriter (Season 1) – Korean drama set that sees figures from the 1930s help a writer in the present.
  • College Romance (Season 1) – Indian dramedy about three best friends looking for love.
  • CrashUnknown whether this is the 2004 or 1996 movie.
  • Engineering Girls (Season 1) – Indian comedy series about three girls attending engineering college.
  • Exit Wounds (2001) – Action comedy about a cop in a city full of corruption.
  • Girls Hostel (Season 1) – Comedy kids series about a youth hostel for girls.
  • Good Burger (1997) – Nickelodeon classic starring Kel Mitchel and Kenan Thompson.

  • Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008) – Kall Penn and John Cho star in this comedy where they get thrown into prison for looking like terrorists.
  • Honey 2 (2011) – Music focused dancing movie about a dance crew who get a new member.
  • House of Witch (2017) – Recent horror movie about high school kids entering an abandoned house to play pranks but a demonic witch is unleashed upon them.
  • Inmates (Season 1) – Indian TV series that’s a little bit like The Big Bang Theory.
  • Lagos Real Fake Life (2018) – Nigerian movie
  • Love Don’t Cost a Thing (2003) – A younger Steve Harvey stars in this critically panned romantic comedy about a high school loser paying someone to be his girlfriend.
  • Men in Black II (2002) – The second installment to the Men in Black franchise starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

  • Moms at War (2018) – Nigerian comedy about two mothers that despise each other.
  • Nikki Glaser: Bangin’ (2019) N – Original stand-up from comedian known for Not Safe with Nikki Glaser.
  • No Reservations (2007) – Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart star in this comedy about a top chef who becomes the guardian of a young niece.
  • Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) – Crime thriller starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.
  • Ocean’s Twelve (2004) – The sequel to Oceans 11 and sees the team enact another heist.
  • One Direction: This Is Us (2013) – Documentary on the One Direction boys and their rise to fame.
  • PaydayUnclear which Payday this is.
  • Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000) – The Nickelodeon Rugrats movie where the toddlers head to Paris and Chuckie finds a Mom!
  • Salam – The First ****** Nobel Laureate (2018) – Documentary on the Nobel prize-winning physicist, Abdus Salam.
  • Scream 2 (1997) – The follow-up to the original Scream movie that sees Sydney head to college.
  • Second 20s / Twenty Again (Season 1) – Korean drama where a mother heads back to school.
  • Senna (2010) – The epic biopic of the Formula 1 Brazillian driver Ayrton Senna.
  • Signal (Season 1) – Korean sci-fi drama about a profiler and detective from different centuries communicating on a walkie-talkie.
  • Sin City (2005) – Black and white thriller that takes us to Basin City. Stars Clive Owen, Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke.
  • Sinister Circle (2016) – Horror movie about a cursed Ouija board.
  • Supergirl (1984) – The origin story of Supergirl from over three decades ago and starring Helen Slater.

  • Superman Returns (2006) – The first Superman movie in decades which sees Brandon Routh take up the role of Clark Kent
  • Surf’s Up (2007) – Animated kids movie that takes us to the penguin surfing championships.
  • The Bucket List (2007) – Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson star in this feel-good comedy.
  • The Figurine (2009) – Nigerian supernatural thriller movie.
  • The Flintstones (1994) – The live-action movie of the classic animated series that was absolutely crap.
  • The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000) – The even worse Flintstone movie.
  • The Island (2005) – Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson star in this action sci-fi thriller.
  • The Liar and His Lover (Season 1) – Romance musical from Korea on the musical.
  • The K2 (Season 1) – Korean thriller series about a former soldier for hire.
  • The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) – Will Smith stars in this drama movie about a struggling salesman.
  • The Rugrats Movie (1998) – The first full Rugrats movie where the toddlers get lost in a forest.
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) – Fantasy movie starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams about a librarian who involuntarily time travels.

  • Tomorrow with You (Season 1) – Korean drama about a man who can travel time via a subway.
  • Trainspotting (1996) – Drug drama that sends you to Edinburgh. Subtitles recommended.
  • Troy (2004) – Brad Pitt historical epic about the battle of Troy.
  • Tunnel (Season 1) – Korean drama about a man trapped in the rubble as he heads home from work.
  • Unaccompanied Minors (2006) – Comedy from Paul Feig about a group of minors stuck in an airport over Christmas.
  • Walking Out (2017) – Alex Smith writes and directs this adventure thriller about a father and son suffering a brutal attack in the wilderness.

Coming to Netflix on October 2nd

  • Living Undocumented (2019) N – Selena Gomez produces this tear-jerking documentary on eight undocumented immigrant families.

  • Ready to Mingle (Solteras) (Season 1) – We follow Brady through his darkly hilarious misadventures, as he desperately attempts to get a boyfriend.
  • Rotten (Season 2) N – The second season of the fantastic docu-series from Zero Point Zero Productions looking into the food industry.

Coming to Netflix on October 3rd

  • Seis Manos (Season 1) N – Viz Media martial arts anime series with big names such as Mike Colter and Danny Trejo starring.

Coming to Netflix on October 4th

In The Tall Grass Netflix Fall 2019 1

In The Tall Grass arrives on October 4th

  • Big Mouth (Season 3) N – The dirty-mouthed teens are back for more adventures with their hormone monsters.
  • Creeped Out (Season 2) N – The kid’s horror series that’s essentially a younger Black Mirror.
  • In The Tall Grass (2019) N – Netflix and Chills kicks off with another Stephen King adaptation.
  • Peaky Blinders (Season 5) N – BBC’s Cillian Murphy gangster series which sees Thomas Shelby head to Parliament.

  • Raising Dion (Season 1) N – Superhero series about a mother struggling to raise a young boy with powers.
  • Super Monsters (Season 3) N – New Halloween themed kids season featuring well-known Halloween characters.
  • Super Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween (2019) N – Super Monsters Halloween Special

Coming to Netflix on October 5th

  • Legend Quest: Masters of Myth (Season 1) N – Mexican made animated series returns for a second outing under a new name
  • Noblemen (2019) – Indian drama about a young boy being terrorized by a gang in a boarding school.

Coming to Netflix on October 7th

  • Match! Tennis Juniors (Season 1) N – Chinese program about a tennis prodigy.
  • The Water Diviner (2014) – War drama about an Australian man traveling to Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli

Coming to Netflix on October 8th

  • Deon Cole: Cole Hearted (2019) N – Stand-up special
  • The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants Hack-a-Ween (2019) N – Halloween kids special

Coming to Netflix on October 9th

  • After (2019) – Drama about a young woman falling for a guy with a dark secret.

  • Home Is Where the Killer Is (2019) – Thriller movie about a tenant who becomes wary of her landlord.
  • Rhythm + Flow (Season 1 – Episode 1) N – New music competition show that sets out to find the next rap superstar.

Coming to Netflix on October 10th

Schitts Creek S5 Netflix October 2019

  • Schitt’s Creek (Season 5) – The popular Canadian comedy about a rich family falling on hard times.
  • Ultramarine Magmell N – New anime about a young rescuer-for-hire provides aid to adventurers exploring this dangerous, uncharted world.

Coming to Netflix on October 11th

  • Bygones Be Bygones (2017) – Turkish drama about a mother’s plan to find her bachelor son a match derails when a new prospect turns up and sinister schemes unfold.
  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) N – The Breaking Bad movie featuring familiar faces. Our most anticipated title of the month.

  • Fractured (2019) N – After his wife and injured daughter disappear from an ER, a man conducts a panicked search and becomes convinced the hospital is hiding something. Sam Worthington stars.
  • Haunted (Season 2) N – The reality horror series that recounts “real-life” paranormal experiences.
  • Insatiable (Season 2) N – The follow-up series to the controversial comedy.
  • The Bling Lagosians (2019) – Nollywood drama from Nigeria about a dysfunctional family.
  • The Forest of Love (2019) N – Japanese movie about a con-man and film crew force themselves into a grief-stricken family.
  • The Influence (2019) N – Spanish horror movie based on a book.
  • The Hook Up Plan / Plan Coeur (Season 2) N – French comedy returns for second season.
  • YooHoo to the Rescue (Season 2) N – Second season of the toddler animated series.

Coming to Netflix on October 12th

  • Street Flow (2019) N – French movie about three brothers learning lessons in the gritty suburbs.

Coming to Netflix on October 14th

  • Martin Matte: La vie, la mort… eh la la…! (2019) N – Stand-up special from well-known French comedian.

Coming to Netflix on October 15th

  • Black Money Love / Kara Para Ask (Season 1) – 54 episodes of this Turkish drama about a theft that has gone wrong.
  • Dark Crimes (2016) – Jim Carrey stars in this crime thriller from 2016

  • Girls und Panzer der Film (2015) – German anime about a group of students trying to prevent their school from closing.
  • Homeland – Indian movie about an Armenian woman traveling to a French village to find out about her families past.
  • Magical Andes – Docuseries that looks at five characters who share their connections to South America’s majestic mountains.
  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers – Nickelodeon series about the new breed of secret agents.
  • Saint Seiya (Anime) – A band of young warriors in magical armor vow to defend the reincarnation of Greek goddess Athena against evil forces and to return her to the throne.

Coming to Netflix on October 16th

  • Another Miss Oh / Oh Hae-young Again (Season 1) – Korean drama about two girls trying to date a man who can see into the future.
  • Ghosts of Sugar Land (2019) N – Documentary on Mark from Texas who chooses to join ISIS.
  • League of Legends Origins – Documentary on the players and creators of the games rise to be a global esports titan.
  • Park Na-rae: Glamour Warning (2019) N – Korean stand-up from a beloved female comedian from South Korea.
  • Seconds 20s / Twenty Again (Season 1) – Korean series facing major changes.
  • Sinister 2 (2015) – A horror about a young mother and twins move into a rural house and things go terribly wrong.
  • The Game Changes (2018) – Documentary featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger about a UFC’s fighter who discovers the truth about protein.

Coming to Netflix on October 17th

  • The Karate Kid (2010)– Sony Pictures reboot of The Karate Kid starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith
  • The Unlisted (Season 1) N – Australian drama where young kids find out the government is tracking the youth

Coming to Netflix on October 18th

Baby Season 2 Netflix

  • 10 Days In Sun City (2017) – Nollywood movie about a beauty pageant.
  • 93 Days (2016) – Nollywood movie that’s definitely the best one added so far. It’s about the Ebola outbreak and how they dealt with the first case.
  • Baby (Season 2) N – Spanish drama returns for its long-awaited second season.
  • ChuChu TV Kids Songs, Learning Videos & Bedtime Stories (Season 1) – Kids series designed to educate and send little ones to sleep.
  • Eli (2019) N – Horror movie from the creators of The Haunting of Hill House and Gerald’s Game.
  • In My Country – Nollywood movie about a teacher raising money in a precarious way to fund his daughter’s treatment.
  • Interior Design Matters (Season 1) N – British reality series that follows world-renowned interior designers.
  • Living With Yourself (Season 1) N – Comedy starring Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd.
  • Love, Surreal and Odd / Tatlim Tatlim (2017) – A romantic comedy from Turkey about four couples who meet at party and fall in different types of love.
  • MeatEater (Season 8) N – New season of the fantastic reality hunting series.
  • MONKART (Season 1) – New kids series about Jin and his dragon.
  • New Money – Nollywood movie about an aspiring fashion designer.
  • Seventeen (2019) N – Spanish movie about a young ex-prisoner traveling to find his therapy dog.
  • Spirit Riding Free: Pony Tales (Collection 2) N – The new spin-off of Spirit Riding Free.
  • Tatu (2017) – Nollywood movie about a woman’s journey to motherhood.
  • Tell Me Who I Am (2019) N – Documentary about a twin who lies to his brother after one loses his memory.
  • The House of Flowers (Season 2) N – The return of the Spanish mystery series which sees a families secrets exposed.
  • The Laundromat (2019) N – Netflix’s Oscar hopes partially lies with this pick-up with an all-star cast.

  • The Yard / Avlu (Season 1) N – New Turkish prison drama picked up exclusively by Netflix.
  • Toon (Season 1) N – Dutch comedy about a jingle composer and his struggle to enter the business world.
  • Upstarts (Season 1) N – Indian drama series about three college graduates starting a business.

Coming to Netflix on October 19th

  • The Command / Kursk (2018) – Belgian war thriller about a squad stuck in a Russian submarine.
  • Men in Black (1997) – the first MIB movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

Coming to Netflix on October 21st

  • Free Fire (2017) – A crime drama starring Brie Larson set in 1970s Boston, about a gun sale which goes wrong.

  • Echo in the Canyon (2018) – Documentary on the music scene surrounding L.A.’s Laurel Canyon.

Coming to Netflix on October 22nd

  • Hunter’s Prayer (2017) – An assassin forges an unlikely partnership with one of his targets: a woman seeking revenge for the murder of her family.
  • I’ll See You in My Dreams (2015) – Romantic comedy about a widowed woman finding a new lease of life.
  • Jenny Slate: Stage Fright (2019) N – Stand-up special from Parks and Recreation star
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) – The original slasher movie!
  • Tracers (2015) – Action movie starring Taylor Lautner
  • Yomeddine – Arabic movie about a man cured of leprosy traveling with his son across Egypt.

Coming to Netflix on October 23rd

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Season 1) N – David Chang travels on the road discovering new cultures with special guests.
  • Dancing with the Birds (2019) N – An entire nature documentary on the most unique birds in the world.
  • Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy (2018) – The second Master Z Chinese Kung-fu movie.

Coming to Netflix on October 24th

  • Daybreak (Season 1) N – Teen post-apocalyptic series aimed for fans of Riverdale.
  • Echo in the Canyon (2018) – Documentary featuring The Beach Boys, Ringo Starr and Buffalo Springfield about the root of LA’s Laurel Canyon’s music scene.

  • Revenge of Pontianak (2019) – Horror romance movie set in 1965 Malaysia.

Coming to Netflix on October 25th

  • A Tale of Love and Darkness (2015) – Biopic starring, written and directed by Natalie Portman on Amos Oz.
  • Assimilate (2019) – Horror thriller about three friends making a web series and discover a horrifying secret about their neighbors
  • Bojack Horseman (Season 6 – Part 1) N – The first half of the now final season of Netflix’s longest-running animated sitcom.

  • Brigada Costa del Sol (Season 1) N – Spanish series about four cops joining forces to create a narcotics squad in the 1970s.
  • Brotherhood / Irmandade (Season 1) N – A hard-working lawyer discovers that her missing brother has been jailed for years and is a leader of an ascendant criminal faction.
  • Consequences / Silsile (2014) – Turkish thriller
  • Dolemite Is My Name (2019) N – Eddie Murphy plays the role of the legend Rudy Ray Moore who had an alter-ego.

  • Drug Squad: Costa del Sol (Season 1) – Spanish series about the birth of a special squad to tackle drug crime.
  • Greenhouse Academy (Season 3) N – The return of the Israeli kids series
  • Interior Design Masters (Season 1) N – British reality series about inspiring interior designers showing off their best works.
  • It Takes a Lunatic (2019) N – Documentary featuring Alec Baldwin and Michael Douglas looking at the life of Wynn Handman who founded the American Place Theater.
  • Moms at War – Nollywood movie about two fierce mothers who become rivals.
  • Monzón: A Knockout Blow (2019) N – Movie on the famous boxing champion  Carlos Monzón and the murder of his wife.
  • My Next Guest with David Letterman and Shah Rukh Khan (2019) N – Interview special with Indian director and Bollywood legend.
  • Nailed it! France & Nailed It! Spain (Season 1) N – Two European spin-offs of the popular Netflix cooking show.
  • Prank Encounters (Season 1) N – Brand new prank show presented by Gaten Matarazzo.
  • Rattlesnake (2019) N – Netflix thriller about a woman put into an impossible position to save her child.
  • The Kominsky Method (Season 2) N – Chuck Lorre’s comedy returns for a second season.

  • The Untamed (Season 1) – Popular Chinese fantasy series about warring clans.

Coming to Netflix on October 26th

  • The Last Whistle (2019) – Sports drama movie about a star player who dies and a coach who won’t quit.

Coming to Netflix on October 28th

  • A 3 Minute Hug (2019) N – Mexican documentary on families separated at the US-Mexico border.
  • Jeopardy! (New Collection) – New batch of episodes for the ABC competition show.
  • Little Miss Sumo (2019) N – British documentary on a young athlete looking to find her way into Japan’s national sport.
  • Shine On with Reese (Season 1) – Talkshow with Reese Witherspoon from DirecTV

Coming to Netflix on October 29th

  • Arsenio Hall: Smart & Classy (2019) N – Comedy special from American comic
  • Flavorful Origins: Yunnan Cuisine (Season 1) N – Followup docuseries on Chinese food.

Coming to Netflix on October 30th

  • Bring It On, Ghost (Season 1) – Korean series about a college student with psychic abilities.
  • Flavorful Origins (Season 2) N – Docuseries based on Chinese cuisine
  • Sleepless Society: Bedtime Wishes (Season 1) – Thai series about a flight attendant encounters a wealthy, mysterious man with two different personas.
  • Tomorrow with You (Season 1) – Korean about the head of a real estate firm with the ability to travel through time by taking the subway marries a photographer to try and change his future.

Coming to Netflix on October 31st

Kengan Ashura Netflix

  • Grego Rosello: Discuple las molesias (2019) N – Stand-up special from the Argentinian comic.
  • Kengan Ashura (Part ll) N – The next part of the fighting based anime series.
  • Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (Season 2) N – The return of the Japanese cooking drama series.
  • Nowhere Man (Season 1) N – Taiwanese series about a man awaiting execution experiencing different ime lines.
  • Raging Bull (1980) – Biopic on the life of the boxer Jake LaMotta.

What are you looking forward to in October 2019? Let us know in the comments.

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