‘The Wiggles’ Leaving Netflix in May 2022

The popular musical kids series is leaving Netflix globally in May 2022.

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the wiggles leaving netflix may 2022

The Wiggles (2015)

Parents beware! If you’re using Netflix to watch The Wiggles, it won’t be for much longer. Both seasons of the Australian show are showing removal notices for mid-May 2022. 

For anyone unfamiliar with The Wiggles, they’re an Australian group that’s been active (albeit with plenty of changes in the lineup over the years) since 1991.

Netflix first licensed the series from the “new era” Wiggles back in September 2021 with seasons 1 and 2 available. That represents 43 episodes in total leaving.

A removal notice is now showing globally on the title with your “last day to watch” being on May 14th. That means the show will actually be removed on May 15th, 2022.

removal notice on the wiggles netflix

Removal notice on The Wiggles – Picture: Netflix Screencap

It’s worth noting that Netflix Australia is not currently showing a removal date for this title. Netflix Australia also has access to additional content from The Wiggles in the form of The Wiggles, Nursery Rhymes, The Best of the Wiggles, and Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle!.

The series could be renewed it’s worth noting. Netflix licenses a lot of its content which means it essentially rents a show for a fixed period of time. It could be the case that ABC Music and Netflix comes to a new agreement where the show continues streaming. We’ll update you should that happen.

Kids removals from Netflix are always difficult given that it’s tricky to explain to kids the complexity of content licensing to them. Big kids removals over the years includes TwirleyWoos, Pajanimals & Sid the Science Kid.

No new streaming home is yet known for The Wiggles. Beyond Netflix, no streaming services currently hold the show in the US with only VOD options available (where you have to pay for an entire season). The good news, however, is that YouTube is home to a huge collection of The Wiggles content. That includes the Fruit Salad TV collection.

For more on what’s leaving Netflix in May 2022, check out our full leaving list for the US here. We’re also tracking removals for the UK, Canada, and Australia too.

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