When will ‘Legacies’ Leave Netflix?

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when will legacies leave netflix

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Legacies was sadly cut short on The CW and has come to an end after four seasons. That fourth season is now on Netflix which means the countdown clock is on for when the show will eventually leave Netflix.

Created by Julie Plec, the series was a spin-off of The Originals which itself was a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. It began in 2018 and eventually ran for four seasons for a total of 68 episodes. Sadly, the show’s life was cut short having been canceled in early 2022.

Unlike the two shows before it, Legacies only came to Netflix in the United States as part of a legacy contract with The CW. The final season was added in June 2022.

Legacies will remain on Netflix for at least 2 years

Legacies will now remain on Netflix for what used to be a fixed period of time. That period of time was five years. As we’ve documented in our “when will The CW shows leave Netflix” shows came to Netflix for their lifetime of the show and then are removed 5 years following the final season coming to the service.

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are bucking this trend however and being removed on slightly different schedules. Most of The Originals was removed from Netflix on July 1st, 2022 in the United States which is roughly a year sooner than originally thought. On the flip side, The Vampire Diaries, on its five year contract should’ve left Netflix in early 2022 but current intel suggests it could leave in September 2022.

So our intel for Legacies ultimately provides us with three dates so let’s run through it.

  • At the very latest, all four seasons on a five-year contract would leave Netflix on June 24th, 2027 (this doesn’t look to be the case)
  • We’re also hearing that the show could be leaving in parts with the soonest removal date cited being in June 2024 with another suggesting we could see seasons 1 through 3 leaving in December 2026.

Either way, as of the time of publishing, you have a couple of years at an absolute minimum to watch all four seasons of Legacies on Netflix.

We should also note here that there has been a concerted effort by some to get the show renewed for a fifth season either at The CW and Netflix. As you may know, Legacies was canceled alongside a slew of big The CW shows as the network goes through a transformation and the two parent companies, Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery.

Will you miss Legacies once it leaves Netflix?

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