Is ‘YOU’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix in December 2019?

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YOU Season 1 – Picture: Netflix

You season 2 is coming to Netflix supposedly later in 2019 but is it arriving on December 26th, 2019 as a poster that’s doing the rounds on social media reportedly suggests? Probably not. Here’s a look at the poster and why it’s fake.

YOU was Netflix’s pick up from last year from Lifetime which exploded on the internet and became one of Netflix’s biggest hits of 2018. A second season was soon commissioned and would be adapting the second book in the series.

As we mentioned above, season 2 is on the way and it’s still expected we’ll be getting it before the year ends but as many may have seen, a poster is circulating saying season 2 of YOU season 2 will be on Netflix on December 26th, 2019. Unfortunetely, it looks like you’ve been tricked.

It doesn’t take long to find the poster for season 2 being shared around. Just look up the hashtag “#younetflix” and you’ll find dozens of posts with the poster featuring.

The picture, if you do a reverse image search, dates back to May 5th from a post on Reddit. Sadly, the post didn’t carry the fanart tag instantly and therefore many instantly downloaded it and shared it across social media.

One of the moderators in the sub confirms its just a fan poster by saying “It’s just a fan poster.” and added later “The girl they used isn’t an actress in the show.”

Why did the person choose December 26th? Well, that’s because YOU season 1 released on Netflix on this date and obviously just transferred the date. Without a year, however, it gives the impression of the release for this year.

In case you need further evidence the poster is fake, look no further than the cast list announced for season 2. Among the new female cast members include Jenna Ortega, Victoria Pedretti, Marielle Scott, and Carmela Zumbado. None of these bare any resemblance to the woman in the picture.

For now, we’re without a date but there’s plenty more information on season 2 so keep up-to-date with all the developments on YOU season 2 right here on What’s on Netflix.

Is ‘YOU’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix in December 2019?

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