100 Most Popular Shows on Netflix Top 10s in 2022

List of shows that picked up the most amount of points in the Netflix top 10 charts in 2022.

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most popular 100 series on netflix in 2022

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Welcome to another 2022 recap where today we’ll be consulting the top 10 charts to see what the 100 most popular series of 2022 were. This list looks at 89 Netflix regions’ top 10s and compiles all the points to bring us the most popular shows list.

This list is sourced from, FlixPatrol, an SVOD tracking site that tracks the daily top 10s and other factors to determine what’s trending on Netflix and other streaming services. Every day, they gather the top 10s from the regions they cover and assign point values to each position. Using those points, we can look at what’s trending weekly, monthly, or in this case, for the entirety of 2022.

We should be upfront that this data doesn’t necessarily equate to the number of viewers or hours watched. What it shows is a show’s ability to remain in the top 10s over a long time around the globe.

Additional disadvantages to using this data include how the top 10s operate and are calculated in the first place. For example, problems with the top 10s include shows with shorter runtimes often having a harder job appearing. Likewise, when totting up global numbers, licensed shows that are only picked up in several regions will also generally struggle to appear in the global list therefore this list primarily consists of globally available Netflix Originals.

Full Top 100 Most Popular Series on Netflix Top 10s in 2022

stranger things cast in other netflix originals

Stranger Things – Picture: Netflix

Stranger Things is the clear runaway leader in the top 10s but had Wednesday launched earlier in the year, we think that show would’ve gave ST a run for its money. Of course, Stranger Things was split into two halves and featured huge runtimes, which, when combined, allowed it to take home the most points in the top 10s in 2022.

Coming in at number 2 was Manifest, the NBC show that had a meteoric rise on Netflix in 2021, leading to its revival in 2022. A new season dropping at the end of the year, plus many regions received seasons 1-3 in batches in the early parts of the year, allowed it to pull in a huge points tally.

Inventing Anna was the limited series with the most points in the top 10s in 2022, narrowly beating Ryan Murphy’s best-performing show, Dahmer, in the Netflix top 10s to date.

The first non-English language show to do well globally in the top 10s was Café con aroma de Mujer, which isn’t available in most regions worldwide. With that said, the regions where it did stream the show was a mainstay in the top 10s all year round.

  1. Stranger Things (63,800 points)
  2. Manifest (53,337 points)
  3. Inventing Anna (34,393 points)
  4. Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (34,086 points)
  5. Bridgerton (30,229 points)
  6. Wednesday (30,102 points)
  7. Café con aroma de mujer (28,765 points)
  8. Pasión de gavilanes (27,591 points)
  9. All of Us Are Dead (26,955 points)
  10. The Crown (25,874 points)
  11. Extraordinary Attorney Woo (24,352 points)
  12. Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord (24,273 points)
  13. Ozark (23,767 points)
  14. The Sandman (23,026 points)
  15. Business Proposal (21,123 points)
  16. Yo soy Betty la fea (20,912 points)
  17. Cobra Kai (20,786 points)
  18. The Lincoln Lawyer (19,521 points)
  19. Love Is Blind (18,889 points)
  20. Elite (18,659 points)
  21. Emily in Paris (18,288 points)
  22. 1899 (17,988 points)
  23. Alchemy of Souls (17,326 points)
  24. The Umbrella Academy (17,073 points)
  25. The Watcher (15,699 points)
  26. The Marked Heart (15,581 points)
  27. Pedro El Escamoso (15,042 points)
  28. Vikings: Valhalla (14,731 points)
  29. From Scratch (14,573 points)
  30. Peaky Blinders (12,941 points)
  31. Too Hot to Handle (12,794 points)
  32. The Witcher (12,446 points)
  33. Young Lady and Gentleman (12,410 points)
  34. The Good Doctor (12,400 points)
  35. One of Us Is Lying (12,357 points)
  36. The Queen of Flow (12,297 points)
  37. Til Money Do Us Part (12,042 points)
  38. Virgin River (12,017 points)
  39. Pieces of Her (11,824 points)
  40. Anatomy of a Scandal (11,621 points)
  41. Welcome to Eden (11,204 points)
  42. Stay Close (11,142 points)
  43. Fate: The Winx Saga (10,949 points)
  44. Dynasty (10,479 points)
  45. Twenty Five Twenty One (10,399 points)
  46. Resident Evil (10,370 points)
  47. The Empress (10,181 points)
  48. Harry & Meghan (10,112 points)
  49. Wrong Side of the Tracks (9,976 points)
  50. High Heat (9,865 points)
  51. Little Women (9,596 points)
  52. Never Have I Ever (9,418 points)
  53. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area (8,881 points)
  54. Echoes (8,862 points)
  55. The Last Kingdom (8,684 points)
  56. Keep Breathing (8,387 points)
  57. Dark Desire (8,303 points)
  58. The Blacklist (8,143 points)
  59. Alba (8,134 points)
  60. Archive 81 (7,967 points)
  61. Devil in Ohio (7,847 points)
  62. The Recruit (7,823 points)
  63. First Kill (7,680 points)
  64. Diary of a Gigolo (7,523 points)
  65. Money Heist (7,491 points)
  66. Better Call Saul (7,443 points)
  67. Is It Cake? (7,406 points)
  68. Man Vs Bee (7,163 points)
  69. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (7,050 points)
  70. Top Boy (6,943 points)
  71. Who Killed Sara? (6,845 points)
  72. Friends (6,772 points)
  73. Firefly Lane (6,673 points)
  74. Narco-Saints (6,647 points)
  75. Forecasting Love and Weather (6,326 points)
  76. Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities (6,322 points)
  77. The Midnight Club (6,307 points)
  78. Zeytin Ağacı (6,250 points)
  79. Shuroop (6,226 points)
  80. Taboo (6,185 points)
  81. Sweet Magnolias (6,113 points)
  82. Inside Man (6,029 points)
  83. The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the
  84. Window (5,811 points)
  85. Partner Track (5,806 points)
  86. In From the Cold (5,560 points)
  87. Queen of the South (5,541 points)
  88. Tomorrow (5,537 points)
  89. Formula 1: Drive to Survive (5,494 points)
  90. Warrior Nun (5,458 points)
  91. Happiness (5,435 points)
  92. Our Blues (5,420 points)
  93. Toy Boy (5,376 points)
  94. Intimidad (5,322 points)
  95. High Water (5,242 points)
  96. SPY x FAMILY (5,109 points)
  97. Locke & Key (4,953 points)
  98. The Unbroken Voice (4,940 points)
  99. Alice in Borderland (4,920 points)
  100. Soy Georgina (4,892 points)

We’ve got plenty of other top 10 round-ups published, with more to come throughout the remainder of January 2023. Recently, we recapped the global most popular action movies of 2022, the most popular reality series and docu-series.

What was your favorite new series added in 2022? Let us know in the comments down below.

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