Most Popular Horror Movies on Netflix in 2022

We review the top 50 most popular horror movies in the Netflix top 10s in 2022.

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most popular horror movies in netflix top 10s in 2022

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The horror genre is as popular as ever, as evidenced by some of the big hitters theatrically like Smile in 2022. Netflix is by no means a stranger to the genre either and has been slowly building its own collection of horror titles. Thanks to the Netflix top 10s, we can bring you the top 50 most popular horror movies on Netflix in 2022.

This list was compiled by FlixPatrol, an SVOD tracking company that pulls Netflix’s top 10 charts daily in 89 regions around the globe to look into what’s popular on the streaming service on any given day.

How points work is that if a movie is the number 1 movie in a country in a given day, it’s awarded 10 points. If a movie is number 10 on the top 10s it’s given 1 point. At the end of the year, all these numbers are added up to give us the top 50 you’ll see below.

This is one of several recaps we’ve worked on looking back at the biggest hits of 2022. We’ve posted recaps looking at the most popular TV series in 2022, action movies, and docu-series.

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Picture: Netflix

So, let’s look down the list and see what’s popular.

Taking home close to 600 more points than the second position was Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, a Stephen King adaptation that came courtesy of Jason Blum and Ryan Murphy, who had a return to form in 2022.

Number two was the horror-comedy The Curse of Bridge Hollow, which arrived just in time for Halloween. Starring Marlon Wayans and Priah Furguson, the movie saw Halloween decorations brought to life.

Some international horror movies performed well beyond its country of origin, too. The Chalk Line, The Privilege, and Incantation (aided by going viral on TikTok) all scooped up a large number of points in the top 10s.

Universal horror movies did particularly well, given they’re licensed to many Netflix regions around the globe. For example, The Invisible Man was licensed to many countries this year and did well in the top 10 charts.

  1. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (7506 points)
  2. The Curse of Bridge Hollow (6950 points)
  3. Choose or Die (6675 points)
  4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (5585 points)
  5. The Chalk Line (4174 points)
  6. The Invisible Man (3458 points)
  7. The Privilege (2873 points)
  8. Incantation (2527 points)
  9. Old People (2028 points)
  10. Fantasy Island (2022 points)
  11. Don’t Breathe 2 (1655 points)
  12. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (1530 points)
  13. Escape Room (1476 points)
  14. The Wasteland (1462 points)
  15. Body Cam (1287 points)
  16. BrightBurn (1192 points)
  17. The Possession of Hannah Grace (1161 points)
  18. Run (1109 points)
  19. The Turning (936 points)
  20. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (894 points)
  21. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (891 points)
  22. The Meg (821 points)
  23. The Girl with All the Gifts (729 points)
  24. The Unholy (673 points)
  25. The Lodge (645 points)
  26. The Rite (626 points)
  27. Kumari (619 points)
  28. Spiral: From the Book of Saw (577 points)
  29. Case 39 (574 points)
  30. The Ruins (564 points)
  31. Dreamkatcher (547 points)
  32. The Inhabitant (545 points)
  33. Don’t Let Go (425 points)
  34. The Mist (410 points)
  35. Orphan (394 points)
  36. Doctor Sleep (393 points)
  37. Resident Evil (366 points)
  38. It Chapter Two (343 points)
  39. The Crazies (342 points)
  40. Freaky (316 points)
  41. It (312 points)
  42. Hereditary (309 points)
  43. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (308 points)
  44. Spell (297 points)
  45. Resident Evil: Retribution (295 points)
  46. 10 Cloverfield Lane (292 points)
  47. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (282 points)
  48. Don’t Breathe (277 points)
  49. Gothika (274 points)
  50. World War Z (271 points)

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Picture: Netflix

Finally, let’s limit the top 10 results to the United States, where most of our audience is to see what horror movies trended there.

  1. The Curse of Bridge Hollow (115 points)
  2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (85 points)
  3. The Mist (85 points)
  4. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (78 points)
  5. Annabelle: Creation (70 points)
  6. It (66 points)
  7. Choose or Die (62 points)
  8. The Invitation (59 points)
  9. Dracula Untold (45 points)
  10. The Chalk Line (43 points)
  11. Ouija: Origin of Evil (34 points)
  12. The Privilege (30 points)
  13. Brahms: The Boy II (24 points)
  14. The Rental (20 points)
  15. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (20 points)
  16. The Wretched (17 points)
  17. Old People (13 points)
  18. Umma (12 points)
  19. Halloween (12 points)
  20. Countdown (5 points)
  21. The Ruins (5 points)
  22. Don’t Let Go (4 points)
  23. Resident Evil: Retribution (3 points)
  24. The Wasteland (2 points)

What was your favorite new horror movie on Netflix or your favorite horror movie you watched in 2022? Let us know in the comments down below.

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