What’s New on Netflix & Top 10s: September 27th, 2022

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elyisium new on netlfix september 27th 2022

Elysium is now on Netflix – Picture: Sony Pictures

Welcome to your first daily recap of what’s new on Netflix for the week where 7 new releases have touched down on Netflix US so far. Here’s a look at everything new and what’s trending. 

If you’re midway through a binge of Gotham, we’d suggest speeding up given the series is due to depart a little later this week. Also, if you’re still in Royal fever, the British docuseries The Royal House of Windsor departs later in the week.

Coming up this week on Netflix, we’ve got all of the first of the month releases, but the big new release of the week, Blonde, hits Netflix tomorrow.

Best New Movies and Shows on Netflix for September 27th

Elysium (2013)

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Cast: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley
Writer: Neill Blomkamp
Runtime: 109 min

So far, the new licensed title of the week is Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium, which IndieWire called “the brainiest Hollywood movie of the summer, it’s also the most conflicted one” back in 2013.

Here’s what you can expect if you’ve never seen the Matt Damon sci-fi flick:

“In the year 2159, two classes of people exist: the very wealthy who live on a pristine man-made space station called Elysium, and the rest, who live on an overpopulated, ruined Earth. Secretary Rhodes, a hard line government official, will stop at nothing to enforce anti-immigration laws and preserve the luxurious lifestyle of the citizens of Elysium. “

The Munsters (2022)

Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Director: Rob Zombie
Cast: Sheri Moon Zombie, Cassandra Peterson, Richard Brake

Kicking off Netflix’s Halloween lineup today is Rob Zombie’s The Munsters, the new prequel/reboot of the classic 1960s series.

If you’ve watched the trailer or followed the story of The Munsters at all thus far, you’ll know reviews haven’t exactly been the best, and that continues to be the case today but if you’re in for some dumb fun, this is for you.

A Trip to Infinity (2022)

Genre: Documentary
Director: Jonathan Halperin, Drew Takahashi
Cast: Anthony Aguirre, Stephon Alexander, Eugenia Cheng
Writer: Jonathan Halperin, Alex Ricciardi
Runtime: 79 min

On the documentary front, A Trip to Infinity is the big new drop so far this week but be warned, it’s not a light watch or for the faint of heart.

The doc seeks to explore what exactly the word infinity means and its implications on the universe with testimony from mathematicians, particle physicists and cosmologists.

Full List of New Releases on Netflix for September 27th, 2022

5 New Movies Added Today

  • A Trip to Infinity (2022) Netflix Original – TV-PG – English – Eminent mathematicians, particle physicists and cosmologists dive into infinity and its mind-bending implications for the universe.
  • Elysium (2013) – R – English – In this dystopian thriller set in 2154, the wealthiest humans move to a fabulous private space station, while life on Earth grows ever more grim.
  • Katkout (2006) – TV-14 – Arabic – Katkout is about to be sacrificed to end a family vendetta when two government agents step in and send him on a top-secret mission.
  • Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy (2022) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – Nick Kroll shares his comedian origin story, his first heartbreak, his strange hypnosis experience and the trash-talking celebrity voice in his head.
  • The Munsters (2022) – PG – English – In this reboot of the 1960s sitcom, Transylvania vampire Lily falls head over fangs for loveable, lumbering monster Herman over her father’s objections.

2 New TV Series Added Today

  • Cry Babies Magic Tears (Season 2) – TV-Y – English – Little babies with big personalities explore a magical world where their tears of love and happiness give them special powers.
  • My Little Pony: Make Your Mark (Chapter 2) Netflix Original – TV-Y – English – Welcome back to Equestria, where pony magic is everywhere. With friends Zipp, Sunny, Izzy, Pipp and Hitch leading the way, adventure is sure to follow!

Top 10 Movies, Series, and Kids Titles on Netflix for September 27th, 2022

# TV Shows Movies Kids
1 Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Lou Minions & More Volume 1
2 El Rey, Vicente Fernández A Jazzman’s Blues Despicable Me 2
3 Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist Father Stu Danger Force
4 Cobra Kai Do Revenge Sing 2
5 In the Dark Minions & More Volume 1 CoComelon
6 Fate: The Winx Saga Despicable Me 2 Despicable Me
7 Dynasty The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Go Dog Go
8 Thai Cave Rescue Sing 2 Henry Danger
9 The Great British Bake Off Human Capital Pokemon: The Arceus Chronicles
10 Sins of Our Mother This Is the End Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance

What are you watching on Netflix today? Let us know in the comments down below.

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