What’s Coming to Netflix UK in June 2022

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whats coming to netflix uk june 2022

Welcome along to your comprehensive look at what’s coming up on Netflix in the United Kingdom throughout the month of June 2022. We’ve got all the new movies and shows currently expected to arrive throughout the month whether that be Netflix Originals or licensed content.

As a reminder, every Friday, we publish our weekly roundup of new releases on Netflix. There are likely titles that come into the lineup that we don’t get notified of in advance so do make sure you check back every Friday.

Where there are additions there are also removals so keep an eye on our leaving Netflix UK post and make sure you watch anything of interest before it departs.

Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix UK in June

Note: titles marked with an N signify they are a Netflix Original title. We’ve kept some titles off of this list for brevity.

Netflix June 2022 TBD

These titles are either confirmed or expected to arrive in June but don’t yet have exact release dates.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 1st

  • Burning Love (Multiple Seasons) – Comedy parody series taking aim at “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”.
  • Carriers (2009) – Chris Pine stars in this action movie about a virus spreading around the globe and four friends seeking a plague-free town.
  • Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014) – Benicio Del Toro jumps into the role of Pablo Escobar in this crime movie.

man of tai chi netflix uk

  • Man of Tai Chi (2013) – Keanu Reeves directs and stars in this action movie about an underworld flight club.
  • Run Fatboy Run (2007) – Simon Pegg stars in this British rom-com directed by David Schwimmer. About a man who tries to win back his fiancée by running a marathon.

  • The Client List (Multiple Seasons) – Jennifer Love Hewitt stars in this series about a woman going to work in a massage studio but finding out there’s more to her work than just massages.
  • The Crow (1994) – Cult classic based on the comic book. About a man brutally murdered coming back to avenge his murderer.
  • The Ledge (2022) – British-produced sports action movie about a woman escaping her assailants by scaling a mountain.
  • The Man with the Iron Fists 2 (2015) – Martial arts movie.
  • Tremors 5: Bloodline (2015) – B-horror movie.
  • Untraceable (2008) – FBI agent Jennifer Marsh is tasked with hunting down a seemingly untraceable serial killer.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 3rd

interceptor netflix movie

  • Interceptor (2022) N – Matthew Reilly directs this new action movie that’s about an Army captain trying to save the world.
  • Mr. Good: Cop or Crook? (Season 1) N – Norweigen docu-series about a cop who has the reputation of being one of the best cops in the country while also being suspected of being a drug trafficker.
  • Surviving Summer (Season 1) N – Australian family surfing series about a New York teen moving across to Aus to make new friends.
  • The Perfect Mother (Season 1) N – French crime drama based on a book.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 4th

  • The Extraordinary Tale of the Times Table (2013) – Spanish romantic comedy about an isolated woman sending out letters and one responds.
  • The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (2017) – Michael Oswald documentary on London’s secret and corrupt business practices.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 6th

  • Action Pack (Season 2) N – Kids animated series.

my spy netflix uk june 2022

  • My Spy (2020) – Dave Bautista stars in this action family comedy about a CIA agent being outmatched by a 9-year-old girl.
  • On the Trails of Glaciers Mission to Alaska – Italian travel documentary.
  • Spaced Out (1979)British sci-fi comedy.
  • The Lancaster at War (Limited Series) – British-produced military docuseries on the bombers that helped win World-War II.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 7th

  • Over Her Dead Body (2008) – Romantic comedy – Killed by an ice sculpture on her wedding day, a jealous bride returns as a ghost after her fiancé falls for the psychic hired to help him move on.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 8th

  • Baby Fever (Season 1) N – Danish romantic comedy series centering around the life of a fertility doctor and the clients she meets and treats.
  • Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey (Limited Series) N – This docuseries examines the rise of Warren Jeffs in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and his shocking criminal case.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 9th

  • Rhythm + Flow France (Season 1) N – New French spin-off of the rapping competition series.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 10th

  • First Kill (Season 1) N – New horror mystery series about a teenage vampire falling in love with a vampire hunter.
  • Hustle (2022) N – Sports movie starring Adam Sandler about a basketball scout who discovers a new street player that could get him back into the good books and revive his career.
  • Intimacy (Season 1) N

  • Jennifer Lopez: Halftime (2022) N – Documentary on the life and career of Jennifer Lopez.
  • Trees of Peace (2022) N – Four women from different backgrounds forge an unbreakable sisterhood while trapped and in hiding during the genocide in Rwanda. Inspired by true events.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 11th

hugo netflix

  • Hugo (2011) – Family adventure movie directed by Martin Scorsese.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 13th

  • Motherless Brooklyn (2019) – Edward Norton directs and stars in this Warner Bros. movie about a scrappy detective uncovering a web of corrupting in 1950s New York.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 15th

  • Centauro (2022) N – Spanish action-thriller.
  • God’s Favorite Idiot (Season 1) N – New workplace comedy series starring Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone.
  • Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend (Season 1) N – New cooking competition series.
  • Maldivas (Season 1) N – Brazillian Portuguese-language comedy series about a young woman moving into a condo community where she interacts with the odd residents.
  • The Wrath of God (2022) N – Spanish-language thriller.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 16th

  • Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) – Biopic on Queen and Freddie Mercury played by Rami Malek.

  • Dead End: Paranormal Park (Season 1) NKids animated series.
  • Karma’s World Music Videos (Volume 2) N – Kids animated series.
  • Love & Anarchy (Season 2) N – Swedish romantic comedy series returns following its debut in November 2020.
  • Sing, Dance, Act: Kabuki featuring Toma Ikuta (2022) N – Japanese documentary.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 17th

  • She (Season 2) N – Hindi crime drama returns.

spiderhead netflix

  • Spiderhead (2022) N – Chris Hemsworth headlines this new action movie about a future where prison inmates can have reduced sentences if they volunteer for new experimental drugs.
  • The Martha Mitchell Effect (2022) N – Documentary on the cabinet wife who spoke out during Watergate.
  • The War Next-Door (Season 2) N – Spanish comedy series.
  • You Don’t Know Me (Season 1) – BBC courtroom drama mini-series coming exclusively to Netflix.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 18th

  • Long Boarding LA to NY (2021) – Documentary about a young filmmaker filming his long boarding journey over 3,000 miles.
  • Spriggan (Season 1) N – Anime series about a corporation’s Spriggan agents keeping Earth’s powerful relics out of the wrong hands.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 19th

  • Civil: Ben Crump (2022) N – Documentary on the American civil-rights activist Benjamin Crump.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 20th

the craft legacy netflix june 2022

  • The Craft: Legacy (2020) – Reboot of the 90s classic from Blumhouse. About a foursome of young witches who discover what their powers allow them to do.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 21st

  • Joel Kim Booster: Psychosexual (2022) N – Stand-up comedy special.
  • The Future Of… (Season 1) N – The Verge investigates the future of technology in this new docu-series produced by Shawn Levy.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 22nd

  • Love & Gelato (2022) N – New romance movie adaptation starring Robin Tunney.
  • The Umbrella Academy (Season 3) N – New season of the superhero series where we’ll be seeing our heroes going toe-to-toe with The Sparrow Academy.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 23rd

  • First Class (Season 1) N – Spanish-language reality series.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 24th

man vs bee netflix june 2022

  • Man Vs Bee (Season 1) N – Rowan Atkinson features in this short comedy series about a man battling a bee.
  • Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area (Season 1) N – Korean spin-off/remake of the popular Netflix La Casa De Papel series.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 28th

  • Cristela Alonzo: Middle Classy (2022) N – Stand-up comedy special.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 29th

  • The Upshaws (Season 2) N – Multi-cam sitcom returns for a second season. Starring Wanda Sykes and Mike Epps.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on June 30th

  • Bastard!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy- (Season 1) N – First 13 episodes of this new dark fantasy anime series will debut in late June with the rest coming in late 2022.

What are you looking forward to watching on Netflix UK in June? Let us know in the comments.

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