What Has Happened to Season 3 of Hemlock Grove?

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It’s no secret that Hemlock Grove has always been given the least amount of exposure in comparison with other Netflix Originals since it begun in 2013 but one question that is consistently popping up for us at the moment is when will we be getting season 3. The final season of Hemlock Grove was announced late into last year with it being Eli Roth’s last 10 episodes to wrap up the story lines and give the fans the series they deserve.

Last year season 2 was added on July 11th and a year before season 1 was released even earlier on April 19th. But many fans are now getting anxious to know the date of when we can expect the third and final season will wind up on Netflix for our binge watching pleasure which led us to do some investigating and we’ve found there’s so no real firm date announced which is odd and could point towards its late renewal, problems in development or other issues. Some online outlets are pointing towards a 2016 launch while even Netflix’s own website doesn’t really know pointing just to a 2015 release date.

We have to admit we’re expecting it to be launching quite far into the future now and with little word out of both Netflix and official channels for the shows we’re just going to have to hope that we do get it sooner rather than later.

The latest trailer, which served more as a teaser than revealing anything also states that we can just expect it sometime in 2015 but this was posted back last September.

Either way we hope it arrives soon as Harmonie states below, we can’t wait any longer!


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