What’s New on Netflix & Top 10s: August 3rd, 2022

7 new movies and 5 new series have been added to Netflix!

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flight new on netflix august 3rd 2022

Flight is back on Netflix – Picture: Paramount Pictures

Happy Wednesday and welcome to another daily rundown of what’s new on Netflix. There are 12 new releases to cover on Netflix in addition to the 45 new ones added on August 1st. Here’s what’s new and what’s trending on Netflix for August 3rd, 2022. 

On the removals front this week, They’ve Gotta Have Us leaves Netflix on Friday, as does the 2016 movie, Enter The Warriors Gate.

Still to hit Netflix this week includes Netflix’s flagship August series in the form of The Sandman. We’ll also see the once-delayed Uncharted hit Netflix on Friday.

Best New Movies and Shows on Netflix for August 3rd

Flight (2012)

Genre: Drama, Thriller
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Cast: Denzel Washington, Nadine Velazquez, Don Cheadle
Writer: John Gatins
Runtime: 138 min

From Paramount Pictures, the return of Flight on Netflix in the United States.

The Denzel Washington-led movie is about a commercial airline pilot facing a crash investigation after a freak accident calls into question his problem with drugs and alcohol.

Here’s what the critical consensus for the movie was, according to RottenTomatoes:

“Robert Zemeckis makes a triumphant return to live-action cinema with Flight, a thoughtful and provocative character study propelled by a compelling performance from Denzel Washington.”

Endless Night (Season 1)

Genre: Fantasy
Director: David Perrault
Cast: Hanane El Yousfi, Chine Thybaud, Théo Augier

endless night netflix series

Picture: Federation Entertainment

Endless Night, which hails from Belgium, is coming to Netflix in multiple regions worldwide today exclusively (although not labeled as a Netflix Original).

The new six-part series sees a 17-year-old befriending a group of teenagers who use a drug that allows them to dream while awake.

Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 (Limited Series)

Genre: Documentary
Director: Jamie Crawford

Originally called Clusterf***: Woodstock ’99, this three-part docu-series was recently renamed, no doubt to make it a big friendlier to search for on Netflix.

Segue now set aside, this new docu-series seeks to tell you the story of what exactly happened at Woodstock to make it the clusterfuck its now commonly associated with. Stand aside Fyre Festival, you’re small change compared to this infamous festival.

Full List of New Releases on Netflix for August 3rd, 2022

7 New Movies Added

  • Bo Burnham: what. (2013) – TV-MA – English – Left brain and right brain duke it out — and ultimately belt out a melody — in stand-up comedian Bo Burnham’s quick and clever one-man show.
  • Buba (2022) Netflix Original – TV-MA – German – When a small-town con artist joins the local mafia with his manipulative brother, his obsession with balancing his karma gets hilariously brutal.
  • Don’t Blame Karma! (2022) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Spanish – When her younger sister and high-school crush get engaged, Sara must find out whether her alleged bad luck is the real culprit behind her misfortunes.
  • Elevator Baby (2019) – TV-MA – English – A chance encounter brings a brash, wealthy young man and an underprivileged woman together when they get stuck in an elevator and she goes into labor.
  • Flight (2012) – R – English – After his amazing safe landing of a damaged passenger plane, an airline pilot is praised for the feat, but has private questions about what happened.
  • Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons (2018) – TV-MA – English – Four of the richest bachelors in Abuja, Nigeria enjoy a life of fast cars, palatial homes and female attention while concealing their true activities.
  • Ricardo Quevedo: Tomorrow Will Be Worse (2022) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Spanish – From road rage to couples fighting during the pandemic, comic Ricardo Quevedo examines the absurdity of the situations that try our patience.

5 New TV Series Added

  • Endless Night (Season 1) – TV-MA – French – To escape the monotony of suburban life, a reclusive 17-year-old befriends a group of teenagers who use a drug that allows them to dream while awake.
  • Good Morning, Verônica (Season 2) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Portuguese – While hunting for a dating-site predator, an underused cop discovers a husband and wife with a horrific secret — and a web of conspiracy hiding it.
  • Regiment Diaries (Season 1) – TV-PG – Hindi – Historical footage and interviews with soldiers showcase war stories, unique traditions and unifying principles of the Indian Army’s various regiments.
  • Shaka Inkosi YamaKhosi (Season 1) – TV-14 – English – This animated short film tells the coming-of-age story of the legendary king Shaka Zulu and his empire.
  • Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 (Limited Series) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – Woodstock 1969 promised peace and music, but its ’99 revival delivered days of rage, riots and real harm. Why did it go so horribly wrong?

Top 10 Movies and Shows on Netflix for August 3rd, 2022

# TV Shows Movies
1 Virgin River The Gray Man
2 Stranger Things Sing 2
3 The Most Hated Man on the Internet The Sea Beast
4 Alone Recurrence
5 Car Masters: Rust to Riches Persuasion
6 Resident Evil The Man From Toronto
7 All American: Homecoming Too Old for Fairy Tales
8 Alba 12 Strong
9 Extraordinary Attorney Woo Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl
10 Blown Away CHiPS
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