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netflix originals august 2020

It’s time for another monthly dive into what’s coming to the Netflix Original lineup and below, we’ll feature everything due to release on Netflix in August 2020. 

Expect August to also be a heavy news month for Netflix Originals too with many already set to begin filming again with lockdown restrictions (hopefully) coming to an end.

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Note: this list is very early and as such, in no way represents the full list of Originals coming in August 2020. Keep this page bookmarked as we learn of more on the way.

The Rain (Season 3)

Netflix Release Date: August 6th

The Danish post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama is set to end early in August 2020. It’s been a good run for the thrilling series that seems to have earned a global following on Netflix.

If you’re not familiar with the premise of the show, it’s about a virus that’s transported by rainfall and caused the near extinction of the human population.

The Seven Deadly Sins (Season 4)

Netflix Release Date: August 6th

the seven deadly sins s4

Anime fans may or may not be excited for the return of The Seven Deadly Sins season 4. As we’ve outlined in our main preview, the series got reinvented for its fourth outing and not necessarily in ways fans may be hoping for.

Selling Sunset (Season 3)

Netflix Release Date: August 7th

Reality series are alive and well on Netflix and Selling Sunset has been one of the sleeper hits of the bunch. Following real estate agents, you get to see inside some of the lush homes of LA plus discover how much drama there is in the cutthroat industry.

Season three arrives just a few months after season two hit Netflix.

The New Legends of Monkey (Season 2)

Netflix Release Date: August 7th

the new legends of monkey season 2

This Australia-New Zealand Netflix co-production has gone very quiet since its original April 2018 release but we’re finally getting season 2 in August.

Beyond that, we don’t know much else from what to expect from the second season.

Wizards: Tales of Arcadia (Limited Series)

Netflix Release Date: August 7th

wizards tales of arcadia august

Wizards is the sum of years of excellent titles within the Tales of Arcadia franchise with all of the previous heroes (and some villains) returning for an epic trilogy finale in the form of Wizards.

The animated series comes from Guillermo del Toro and has proved to be one of Netflix’s best entries into the kids genre with the series in total having scooped eight Emmy’s.

Work It

Netflix Release Date: August 7th

Sabrina Carpenter stars in this dance comedy coming to Netflix and also stars Jordan Fisher, Liza Koshy, Michelle Buteau, and Keiynan Lonsdale.

It’s about a group of teens forming to be a group of dancers taking on the biggest dance squad in the school.

El Robo Del Siglo / The Great Heist (Season 1)

Netflix Release Date: August 14th

the great heist netflix

Colombian heist thriller based on the true events of the assault on the Bank of the Republic that was dubbed the robbery of the century back in the 1990s.

Money Heist fans will want to keep a close eye on this one given the parallels.

Project Power (2020)

Netflix Release Date: August 14th

Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt action blockbuster from Paranormal Activity 3 directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.

The movie will take place during a drug epidemic where a new drug enters the market giving the users superpowers.

John Was Trying to Contact Aliens

Netflix Release Date: August 20th

john was trying to contact aliens netflix august

This documentary short is due out towards the end of August and fire premiered a the Sundance Film Festival where it picked up the best short film.

It’s directed by Matthew Killip and follows John Shepherd who spent most of his life trying to find connections from space before finding one on Earth.

Lucifer (Season 5A)

Netflix Release Date: August 21st

lucifer season 5a netflix august 2020

After an excruciatingly long wait, Lucifer‘s first half of its fifth season (no longer the last we hasten to add) has a release date for Netflix.

It’s going to be a bumper fifth season given its expanded episode count and there’s a lot cover given the events of season four.

Lucifans will also be excited to hear that season 5B is on the way plus the newly announced sixth season too.

Unknown Origins (2020)

Netflix Release Date: August 28th

Spanish Netflix Original movie starring Javier Rey, Veronica Echegui, and Brays Efe.

It’s an adaptation of a book about a pair of cops teaming up with local geeks to stop a killer who is recreating superhero origin stories.

Other August 2020 Original Releases

  • Sam Jay: 3 in the Morning – Standup Special – August 4th
  • The Big Show Show (Special episode) – August 10th

Expected Netflix Originals in August 2020

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