What’s Coming to Netflix This Week (July 22nd to July 28th)

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Coming to Netflix This Week – Pictured: OiTNB, Inglorious Basterds, The Exception

Welcome to your weekly preview of what’s headed to Netflix over the next 7 days. Although it may look a little empty, Netflix has lined up some fantastic hits and debuts for Netflix this week. 

New titles keep getting announced for the remainder of July 2019 and we’ve also gotten word of the first few titles for August too.

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Now let’s take a look at what you’ve got to look forward to on Netflix this week:

Inglorious Bastereds (2009)

Coming to Netflix: Monday, July 22nd

Inglorious Basterds is by no means new to Netflix. In fact, it’s appeared multiple times over the past few years but it’s always a welcome return. It comes at a great time too as Tarantino’s new movie is due out in cinemas in due course.

The WW2 comedy is one of Tarantinos finest as we follow an elite squad hunting down various nazis. It leads to a rather climatic and unbelievable end. If you’ve not had the chance to watch this movie yet, do not miss out this week.

Storage Wars: Northern Treasures (Season 2)

Coming to Netflix: Monday, July 22nd

Although the American Storage Wars no longer resides on Netflix after it left nearly six years ago, its Canadian counterpart found itself on Netflix a while back.

The second season of the show which sees its participants bid on abandoned bins for profit. The first season has left Netflix recently but the second season comes to Netflix on Monday.

The Great Hack

Coming to Netflix: Wednesday, July 24th

For those interested in politics or current affairs, you absolutely do not want to miss this explosive documentary. It takes a look at a wide-ranging topic of data and how it controls our lives but through the lense of the 2016 election in the United States and Brexit in the United Kingdom.

It’s already causing some stirs for Netflix as it approaches its release and vested interests look to take it down.

Another Life (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix: Thursday, July 25th

In perhaps Netflix’s most ambitious sci-fi series to date (yes, even bigger than Lost in Space) comes Another Life on Thursday.

The series will see an expedition to an alien civilization and understand the alien artifact that landed on Earth.

For fans of The 100 on The CW or Star Trek on CBS or The Expanse on Syfy/Prime, this is for you.

Orange is the New Black (Season 7)

Coming to Netflix: Friday, July 26th

Friday will be a milestone for Netflix. Orange is the New Black is the longest-running Netflix Original and comes to an end.

Season 7 of Orange is the New Black will have us revisiting all of our favorite Litchfield residents for one last time to hopefully get closure.

All may not be over however as a spin-off has been teased.

The Exception

Coming to Netflix: Friday, July 26th

From A24 Pictures comes The Exception arriving on Friday. The thrilling movie set just before the Second World War sees a spy infiltrate the home of Kaiser Wilhelm.

Reviews for this title were strong and is an excellent addition to the Netflix movie library that may go missed by many.

Full list of what’s coming to Netflix this week

Coming to Netflix on July 22nd

  • Inglourious Basterds (2009)
  • My Hotter Half (Season 1)
  • Storage Wars: Northern Treasures (Season 2)

Coming to Netflix on July 23rd

  • The Competition (2018)

Coming to Netflix on July 24th

  • The Great Hack (2019) Netflix Original Documentary

Coming to Netflix on July 25th

  • Another Life (Season 1) Netflix Original Series
  • Workin’ Moms (Season 2) Netflix Original Canadian Series

Coming to Netflix on July 26th

  • 1st Summoning (2018)
  • Boi (2019)
  • Eeri (2018)
  • The Exception (2016)
  • Girls With Balls (2018) Netflix Original French Movie
  • My First First Love (Season 2) Netflix Original Korean Series
  • Orange is the New Black (Season 7) Netflix Original Series
  • Sugar Rush (Season 2) Netflix Original Series
  • The Son (2019) Netflix Original Argentinian Movie
  • The Worst Witch (Season 3) Netflix Original Series

What are you looking forward to this week? Let us know in the comments down below.

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