‘The Power of the Dog’ Leaving Netflix in the United Kingdom

The Netflix Original movie is departing but will remain on Netflix elsewhere.

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the power of the dog leaving netflix uk

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The Oscar-winning movie The Power of the Dog is set to leave Netflix in the United Kingdom in August 2023 as its short tenure on the streaming service ends. 

Director Jane Campion was behind the movie that went on to score hundreds of wins and nominations. The movie starred Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Phil Burbank, a private rancher who is teased into giving the possibility of love a shot.

The movie received a limited theatrical release before hitting Netflix around the globe on December 1st, 2021.

The reason why it’s leaving Netflix UK is almost certainly down to who owns and financed the movie. While Netflix was the main distributor, BBC Films played a significant role in the title. In fact, you can find them celebrating their Bafta wins on the official BBC “media centre” (not center in this case, spellcheck!).

It’s set to be removed on August 19th, with your last day to watch the movie on August 18th technically.

The companion making-of documentary is not set to depart Netflix UK.

The last day to watch notice can now be found on the Netflix page for the movie:

last day to watch the power of the dog on netflix

Removal notice on Netflix UK for The Power of the Dog

This isn’t the only time we’ve seen a Netflix Original removed from only the Netflix UK library. Late last year, His House was removed only from Netflix there and has remained on the service in all other regions ever since.

Will The Power of the Dog leave Netflix in other countries?

No is the short answer.

Our intel suggests that only Netflix in the United Kingdom is set to lose the movie at all. In fact, Netflix has the perpetual rights to the movie in all other countries meaning that so long as Netflix exists, the movie will be a permanent part of the Netflix library.

Where to watch The Power of the Dog in the UK after its Netflix removal

We’ve been told by Netflix that the BBC will be the movie’s home for a time and that it will eventually return to Netflix down the road.

In the meantime, you can also buy the Blu-Ray/DVD release of the movie, which entered the Criterion Collection last year.

Keep an eye on our new on Netflix UK weekly roundup for more on when The Power of the Dog will return.

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