Most Popular Shows on Netflix in 2023 So Far

Netflix's biggest TV hits so far in 2023 according to the top 10s.

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biggest netflix tv hits of 2023 so far

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If you can believe it, we’re already a quarter way through 2023 and Netflix has released some great shows. Below, we’ll be taking a look at what’s been trending in the top 10s globally and in the United States so far in 2023. 

All data below is sourced  from FlixPatrol and is correct as of April 20th, 2023. Their service tracks 89 Netflix regions in total, collecting the daily top 10 movies and series.

1. Wednesday (Season 1)

Global Netflix Top 10 Points: 27,133 points

wednesday season 2 not leaving netflix

Picture: Netflix

If you can believe it, Wednesday has picked up the most points globally so far in 2023 despite having premiered towards the tail end of November 2023. That should come as no surprise given the show’s cultural impact, which has led to becoming the second all-time most-watched English TV show in the streamer’s history and a hopeful at this year’s Emmys.

The show’s future is secure, with a second season ordered towards the beginning of 2023 with Jenna Ortega returning.

The show is still featured regularly in the weekly global top 10 hourly figures that Netflix publishes, with its total now accumulated at 1.7 billion hours as of April 20th.

2. Ginny & Georgia

Global Netflix Top 10 Points: 26,224 points

ginny and georgia netflix series

Picture: Netflix

Thanks to a solid second season that debuted on Netflix globally in early January, Ginny & Georgia has had one of the best opportunities to rack up as many points in the global top 10s, and its taken full advantage of that.

The second season has spent seven weeks in the Netflix global top 10s picking up over half a billion hours in totals.

Despite Ginny & Georgia’s huge performance in the top 10s and its hourly figures, we’re still none the wiser on the show’s future, with a third season yet to be officially ordered.

3. You 

Global Netflix Top 10 Points: 22,871 points

you season 5 everything we know so far netflix renewal status

Picture: Netflix

You was also undoubtedly helped in the Netflix top 10s given that its most recent season took the split season approach, with the first batch landing on February 9th and the second a month later on March 9th.

As you may have heard, the future of You is also secure with a fifth and final season ordered.

4. The Glory

Global Netflix Top 10 Points: 22,771 points

the glory unlikely to return for season 2 netflix

The first non-English language show to pick up the most points in the top 10s this year has been The Glory which rocketed up the charts given its split season and is now ranked amongst the most watched Non-English show of all time, sitting at position five ahead of Money Heist part 3 and behind All of Us Are Dead.

Whether The Glory has a future on Netflix is unclear. As it stands, we’re not currently expecting the show to return for any kind of second season.

5. The Night Agent

Global Netflix Top 10 Points: 22,511 points

the night agent new on netflix this week march 26th 2023

Picture: Netflix

The Night Agent wasn’t on most people’s radar ahead of its launch in late March, but once it did drop, the show instantly hit a chord with millions around the globe. It now ranks as the sixth most watched show in Netflix’s history.

Given its exceptional performance, the show received a near-instant season 2 renewal.

Now let’s round out the rest of the global top 20:

  • La Reina del Sur (15,939 points)
  • Physical: 100 (14,072 points)
  • Outer Banks (13,500 points)
  • Til Money Do Us Part (13,251 points)
  • Shadow and Bone (13,159 points)
  • Kaleidoscope (12,226 points)
  • Sex/Life (10,776 points)
  • Love Is Blind (10,521 points)
  • Vikings: Valhalla (10,475 points)
  • True Beauty (10,240 points)
  • Perfect Match (8,962 points)
  • Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord (8,767 points)
  • Crash Course In Romance (8,751 points)
  • Mr. Queen (8,307 points)
  • Beef (7,532 points)

when will new amsterdam season 5 release on netflix

Picture: NBC Universal

Thanks to two major drops (one in January and the other in February) of New Amsterdam seasons combined with the fact there are so many episodes to binge through, New Amsterdam narrowly beat out Ginny & Georgia in the Netflix US top 10s so far this year.

  1. New Amsterdam (410 points)
  2. Ginny & Georgia (409 points)
  3. You (353 points)
  4. Wednesday (308 points)
  5. Outer Banks (296 points)
  6. Love Is Blind (282 points)
  7. The Night Agent (251 points)
  8. Perfect Match (216 points)
  9. Shadow and Bone (162 points)
  10. Physical: 100 (143 points)
  11. Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal (141 points)
  12. The Walking Dead (141 points)
  13. Kaleidoscope (128 points)
  14. Beef (122 points)
  15. The Glory (122 points)
  16. That ’90s Show (121 points)
  17. Vikings: Valhalla (107 points)
  18. Lockwood & Co. (97 points)
  19. MH370: The Plane That Disappeared (94 points)
  20. Sex/Life (91 points)

katie joe you season 5 everything we know so far netflix renewal status

Picture: Netflix

Netflix UK pretty much reflects the titles featured globally with only exceptions for the remainder of the top 20 being Red Rose, Formula 1: Drive to Surive, and Lockwood & Co.

  1. You (399 points)
  2. Ginny & Georgia (393 points)
  3. Wednesday (353 points)
  4. The Night Agent (270 points)
  5. Love Is Blind (256 points)
  6. Outer Banks (248 points)
  7. Physical: 100 (224 points)
  8. Shadow and Bone (203 points)
  9. Vikings: Valhalla (195 points)
  10. Kaleidoscope (190 points)
  11. Sex/Life (166 points)
  12. Lockwood & Co. (157 points)
  13. MH370: The Plane That Disappeared (151 points)
  14. Emily in Paris (142 points)
  15. Formula 1: Drive to Survive (124 points)
  16. Red Rose (117 points)
  17. Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal (113 points)
  18. Perfect Match (113 points)
  19. Beef (108 points)
  20. The Snow Girl (108 points)

What have you been watching on Netflix so far in 2023? Let us know in the comments down below.

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