New Releases on Netflix & Top 10 Movies & Series: August 25th, 2023

12 new releases have been added for the weekend.

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you are so not invited to my bat mitzvah new on netflix august 25 2023

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Happy Friday, and welcome to your rundown of what’s new on Netflix as we head into the weekend. There are seven new movies and five new series that have touched down on Netflix since our last update on Wednesday. Let’s run through those, what to watch, and the Netflix top 10s.

One big title is scheduled to hit Netflix over the weekend in the form of the latest Sony movie, Big George Foreman: The Miraculous Story of the Once and Future Heavyweight Champion of the World. The biopic sports movie on the famous boxer stars Khris Davis, Jasmine Mathews, John Magaro, and Forest Whitaker.

A few titles are set to leave over the next week, including Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Being Dad (2018) and The Debt Collector 2 (2020), plus a few dozen movies on the first of the month.

Best New Movies and Shows on Netflix for August 25th

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah (2023)

Rating: PG-13
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Director: Sammi Cohen
Cast: Idina Menzel, Jackie Sandler, Adam Sandler
Writer: Alison Peck, Fiona Rosenbloom
Runtime: 101 min / 1h 41m

Spearheaded by Adam Sandler, who surprisingly takes very much a backseat role in this family comedy, it is Netflix’s big movie release for the week.

Based on the book by Fiona Rosenbloom, the comedy (which sports a rocking soundtrack) is about a young girl prepping for a big day in her life. Her bat mitzvah. Having meticulously planned it for years, the big day itself unravels into a mess.

The movie has boasted strong reviews from critics (although it was only given to a handful of outlets – we’ll be publishing our review in due course), with most praising the young cast and some of the writing. The movie is sitting at 93% on RottenTomatoes at the time of publishing.

Who is Erin Carter? (Limited Series)

Rating: TV-MA
Language: English
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Cast: Indica Watson, Douglas Henshall, Charlotte Vega
Runtime: 55 mins

Coming from the same production behind Netflix’s The Crown, Who Is Erin Carter? is a new mini-series that sees Snabba Cash star Evin Ahmad play the role of a British teacher living abroad in Spain and gets into a cat-and-mouse game following a supermarket robbery.

Killer Book Club (2023)

Rating: TV-MA
Language: Spanish
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Director: Carlos Alonso Ojea
Cast: Veki Velilla, Iván Pellicer, Álvaro Mel
Writer: Carlos García Miranda

netflix spanish horror killer book club preview

Picture: Netflix

Seemingly buried by Netflix is the new Spanish teen-horror movie Killer Book Club that fans of the Fear Street trilogy will absolutely want to check out over the weekend, given they’re pretty much cut from the same cloth.

The premise of the horror is set around eight friends having to fight for their lives when a killer clown who seems to know the grim secret they share begins to pick them off, one by one.

Full List of New Releases on Netflix for August 25th

7 New Movies Added Today

  • Bro (2023) – TV-14 – Telugu – An overworked man who often fails to focus on his loved ones is given a chance to turn his life around when he meets Titan, the god of time.
  • Killer Book Club (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Spanish
  • Sattar – The Return of the Legendary Slap (2022) – TV-14 – Arabic – An unfulfilled office worker sets out to turn his passion for wrestling into a money-making side gig, collecting bruises and life lessons along the way.
  • Sausage Party (2016) – R – English – After making a gruesome discovery about life beyond the supermarket, an affable sausage strives to save his fellow foods in this raunchy comedy.
  • Squared Love Everlasting (2023) Netflix Original – TV-14 – Polish – In this third “Squared Love” film, Monika and Enzo’s whirlwind romance heads toward a fairy-tale ending until a bombshell revelation changes everything.
  • The Big Short (2015) – R – English – A group of wily opportunists make a fortune off of the U.S. economic crash by sniffing out the situation in advance and betting against the banks.
  • You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah (2023) Netflix Original – PG-13 – English

5 New TV Series Added Today

  • Baki Hanma (Season 2) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Japanese – To gain the skills he needs to surpass his powerful father, Baki enters Arizona State Prison to take on the notorious inmate known as Mr. Unchained.
  • Ragnarok (Season 3) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Norwegian – In a Norwegian town poisoned by pollution and rattled by melting glaciers, the End Times feel all too real. It’ll take a legend to battle an old evil.
  • The Devil Judge (Season 1) – TV-14 – Korean – In a near-future dystopia, an enigmatic judge punishes the haves by carrying out his vision of justice in trials live-broadcast and voted on by citizens.
  • The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (Season 2) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – Get hitched or call it quits? Couples put their love to the test — while shacking up with other potential matches — in a provocative reality series.
  • Who is Erin Carter? (Limited Series) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English

Netflix Top 10 Movies and Series for August 25th, 2023

# TV Shows Movies
1 Untold: Swamp Kings The Pope’s Exorcist
2 Depp V Heard The Monkey King
3 Painkiller Heart of Stone
4 The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On Brotherly Love
5 The Chosen One Despicable Me 2
6 Ballers Despicable Me
7 The Upshaws A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case
8 Suits The Boss Baby
9 Destined with You Bee Movie
10 The Lincoln Lawyer River Wild

What will you be watching as we head into the weekend? Let us know in the comments down below.

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