‘The CW’ Series Coming to Netflix in 2020

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Welcome to your 2020 preview of what’s coming to Netflix from The CW library. This list includes all-new TV series coming to Netflix US from The CW excluding the arrowverse content which we’ve covered in a separate article.

From mid-2019 onwards, all new shows from The CW don’t automatically come to Netflix. Instead, they’re shopped individually although from what we’ve seen so far, most go to the original distributors’ own streaming services. The CW is part-owned by CBS and Warner Brothers.

For all of the Arrowverse content that The CW produces, we’ve put together a separate coming soon guide for that.

The CW Shows Not Coming to Netflix in 2020

As you may have heard, Netflix’s and The CW’s relationship has changed going forward. While all the shows currently on Netflix will continue getting new episodes added, any new show will be shopped individually rather than coming to Netflix as part of a broad output deal.

  • Nancy Drew – distributed by CBS and has been listed for release on CBS All Access
  • Pandora – It’s unlikely Netflix will get the sci-fi series as it aired shortly after the deal cut-off but given its reviews, it’s not a huge loss.

The CW Shows Coming to Netflix in 2020

All American (Season 2)

Expected Netflix Release: Late March 2020

The football orientated series returned to The CW to higher than expected viewing figures in part thanks to its debut on Netflix in March 2019.

Once again, 16 episodes make up season 2 which sees everything change after the dramatic events of the first season.

Charmed (Season 2)

Expected Netflix Release: Late May 2020

The new Charmed series got off to a bit of a rough start with reviews being particularly unkind. The series follows three sisters who discover in season 1 that they’re powerful witches and season 2 continues their journey at discovering who they are.

Once again, season 2 consists of 22 episodes and is due to wrap up in mid-May 2020.

Dynasty (Season 3)

Expected Netflix Release: May/June 2020

The reboot of Dynasty is one of the best the network has put out but despite poor ratings, we’re thankful The CW is pushing ahead with producing new episodes.

Season 2 is set to once against consist of 22 episodes and is due to wrap up at some point in May 2020. Dynasty kicks off the new seasons with a guilt trip to Alaska.

In The Dark (Season 2)

Expected Netflix Release: July 2020

If you missed In The Dark, you’re missing out on a fantastic comedy that The CW excellently showed they were good at with the likes of Jane the Virgin.

Season 2 is once against likely to air mid-season at some point in early 2020 and therefore, wrap up in the summer before hitting Netflix with season 2.

Riverdale (Season 4)

Expected Netflix Release: Late May/Early June 2020

Riverdale is easily one of The CW’s biggest shows. Set in the Archie Comics universe (shared with Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returning in January) the series has taken many twists and turns so far.

Season 4 is once again 22 episodes and began in October 2019 likely finishing its run in May 2020 again.

Netflix in other regions continues to get new episodes of Riverdale weekly.

Roswell, New Mexico (Season 2)

Expected Netflix Release: June/July 2020

The CW is the second network to adapt the novel series by Melinda Metz and so far, it’s got a good reception and hit Netflix last year.

This year, Roswell, New Mexico has been pushed back to a mid-season launch meaning we’re expecting it to hit Netflix later than usual. It’s due to premiere on The CW on March 16th and assuming it’s a similar length of season 1, we should see it hit Netflix in June or July next year.

Supernatural (Season 15)

Expected Netflix Release: May/June 2020

This will be the final year for Supernatural. The TV series has been one of the longest-running series in the channel’s history and will sadly be coming to a close with season 15.

The show has kept to 20 episodes for its final season which means the finale should air on May 18th, 2020. Given that, we’re expecting season 15 of Supernatural to hit Netflix in the final couple weeks of May 2020 or worst case, June 2020.

The 100 (Season 7)

Expected Netflix Release: August 2020

It’s the end of The CW’s ambitious sci-fi series and although it’ll live on in a spin-off series, this will likely be the last series to drop on Netflix in the universe.

If the series releases similarly to how it did for the previous two seasons, we should see season 7 added to Netflix at some point in August 2020.

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