What’s Coming to Netflix in August 2020

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whats coming to netflix in august 2020

Welcome to the most comprehensive look at what’s coming to Netflix in the United States throughout the month of August 2020. While the Netflix Originals for August are looking great, third party licensed content seems to be lacking, this will likely change as time goes on. 

You can find more information on all the Netflix Originals coming in August 2020 in our dedicated preview with most of them going onto Netflix globally. We’ve also got an early look at what’s coming to Netflix UK in August too.

Highlights of the month are undoubtedly Lucifer finally returning for season five, Cobra Kai seasons one and two, and all four seasons of fan-favorite Nickelodeon series The Legend of Korra.

Please note: this list now includes the August 2020 schedule released by Netflix. More additions will be added to it over time, however. 

If you want to look even further ahead, you can check out the Originals currently scheduled for September 2020 here plus we’ve got a full list running of everything coming to Netflix in September 2020 too.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 1st

Note: in total, 41 new titles arrived on Netflix for August 1st, 2020.

  • A Knight’s Tale (2001) – Heath Ledger medieval romance drama.
  • Acts of Violence (2018) – Bruce Willis action movie
  • An Education (2009) – Coming of age drama set in 1960s London.
  • Being John Malkovich (1999) – Spike Jonze’s excellent comedy that dives into the mind of John Malkovich.
  • Death at a Funeral (2010) – Sony Pictures reboot of the Death at a Funeral movie.
  • Dennis the Menace (1993) – 90s adaptation of the classic Beano cartoon.
  • Elizabeth Harvest (2018) – Horror thriller from Sebastian Gutierrez.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Netflix August 2020

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) – The excellent Oscar-winning movie starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet.
  • Hardcore Henry (2015) – Experimental action film shot entirely in first person.
  • Iron Man Armored Adventures (Season 1-2) – Marvel animated series following a teenage Tony Stark.
  • Jurassic Park (1993) – The epic three-time winning Oscar movie from Steven Spielberg.
  • Jurassic Park III (2001) – The third in the original Jurassic Park trilogy and while not as good as the proceeding titles, it still has its merits.
  • Killing Hasselhoff (2017) – Rescheduled from July 1st, this comedy stars Ken Jeong and David himself about a nightclub owner who is looking to pay off a loan shark.

  • Mad Max (1979) – The original Mel Gibson fiery epic.
  • Mr. Deeds (2002) – Adam Sandler comedy where a small-town guy inherits a fortune.
  • My Perfect Landing (Season 1) – Canadian family series about a family of gymnasts.
  • Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea (Season 1) – Anime series about middle schoolers leaving the ocean to attend school on land.
  • Nights in Rodanthe (2008) – Richard Gere and Diane Lane star in this feel-good romance set in North Carolina.
  • Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) – Ensemble heist movie.
  • Ocean’s Twelve (2004) – The original Ocean’s movie from Warner Brothers.
  • Operation Ouch (Season 1 + Special) – British docu-series looking into the world of medicine and biology.
  • Power Players (Season 2) – Kids animated series of various toys coming to life and battling it out.
  • Remember Me (2010) – Robert Pattinson romantic drama.
  • Rogue Warfare: The Hunt (2019) – War porn set in the Rogue franchise. Has an impressive IMDb score of 2.9.
  • Seabiscuit (2003) – Tobey Maguire stars in this sports drama about an underdog racehorse who lifted the nation during the Depression.
  • Super Monsters: The New Class (2020) N – New Netflix special for the Super Monsters franchise.
  • The Addams Family (1991) – Live-action Halloween classic.
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) – Steven Spielberg’s second entry in the Jurassic Park trilogy.

the neverending story netflix august 2020

  • The NeverEnding Story (1984) – Wolfgang Petersen’s masterful family adventure that got a name-call from a certain Dustin from Stranger Things.
  • The NeverEnding Story 2: The Next Chapter (1990) – The sequel.
  • The Next Step (Season 6) – Canadian family drama.
  • The Ottoman Lieutenant (2017) – World War I movie about a love story between an American nurse and a Turkish officer.
  • The Ugly Truth (2009) – Romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.
  • Toradora! (Season 1) – Anime series about a boy trying to get close with his crush.
  • Transformers Rescue Bots Academy (Season 2) – Kids series based on the Hasbro IP.
  • What Keeps You Alive (2018) – Horror thriller from Colin Minihan.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 2nd

  • Almost Love (2018) – Follows a group of New Yorkers and their romantic and professional lives.

  • Connected (Season 1) N – Docu-series presented by Latif Nasser looking into how we’re connected to each other.
  • Pick of the Litter (2018) – Documentary on puppies that journey to become guide dogs.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 3rd

  • Immigration Nation (Season 1) N – Docu-series looking into American immigration.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 4th

  • A Go! Go! Cory Carson Summer Camp (2020) N – New TV special for kids series.
  • Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave (2020) N – New TV special for the kids series about the recruitment of new lifeguards.
  • Mystery Lab (Season 1) N – Portuguese education series looking into science, history and mysteries.
  • Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning (2020) N – Stand-up special

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 5th

  • Anelka: Misunderstood (2020) N – Sports documentary on French footballer and his controversial legacy.
  • World’s Most Wanted (Season 1) N – True-crime docu-series from France.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 6th

  • Nasha Natasha (2016) – Music documentary from Russia about Natalia Oreiro.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins (Season 4) N – Next chapter in The Seven Deadly Sins anime where a change of art direction isn’t all that’s new.

the rain netflix season 3 august 2020

  • The Rain (Season 3) N – The third and final season for the Danish post-apocalyptic series, The Rain.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 7th

  • Berlin, Berlin: Lolle on the Run (2020) N – Movie sequel to the popular German TV series of the same name.
  • High Seas / Alta Mar (Season 3) N – The final season of the epic Spanish mystery period-drama.
  • Nailed It! Mexico (Season 2) N – More delicious deserts from south of the border.
  • Selling Sunset (Season 3) N – Reality series where the drama and beautiful homes are on offer.
  • Sing On! Germany (Season 1) N – Karaoke competition series with German hosts and contestants (Spanish variant arrived in July 2020).
  • Stars in the Sky: A Hunting Story (2018) – Documentary looking at how hunters interact with our environment written and directed by Steven Rinella.
  • The Magic School Bus Rides Again Kids In Space (2020) N – Special animated spin-off to the Magic School Bus series.
  • The New Legends of Monkey (Season 2) N – Australian/New Zealand co-production kids series finally returning after a long hiatus.
  • Tiny Creatures (Season 1) N – Nature docu-series looking into little critters.

wizards tales of arcadia august

  • Wizards: Tales of Arcadia (Limited Series) N – The final entry into the Guillermo Del Toro animated series.
  • Word Party Songs (Season 1) N – New spinoff from the Jim Henson company about colorful friends getting together for singing and dancing.
  • Work It (2020) N – Sabrina Carpenter stars in this new dance teen comedy.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 8th

  • The Promise (2016) – Action movie starring Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale set during the Ottoman Empire.

  • We Summon the Darkness (2019) – Horror starring Alexandria Daddario.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 10th

  • Game On: A Comedy Crossover Event N
  • Julie and the Phantoms (Season 1) N – New kids sitcom
  • Nightcrawler (2014) – Dan Gilroy’s thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • GAME ON: A Comedy Crossover Event (Season 1) N – Multiple Netflix sitcoms crossover including The Big Show Show, Mr. Iglesias, Ashley Garcia and more.

the lost husband august 2020 netflix

  • The Lost Husband (2020) – Josh Duhamel features in this mid-Western romantic drama.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 11th

mr peabody and sherman movie

  • Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014) – Animated movie about a time travelling canine and his adopted son.
  • Rob Schneider: Asian Momma, Mexican Kids (2020) N – Stand-up Special

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 12th

  • Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl (2020) N – Hindi war movie about the first-ever Indian air force pilot.
  • Scary Movie 5 (2013) – Spoof horror.
  • (Un)Well (Season 1) N – Docu-series looking into the wellness industry.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 13th

safety not garaunteed

  • Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) – Comedy starring Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass.
  • An Easy Girl / Une fille facile (2020) N – French coming-of-age comedy about a girl figuring out what she wants to do in life.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 14th

  • 3% (Season 4) N – The final season of the Brazillian dystopian sci-fi series.
  • Beyond the Boundary: ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Australia 2020 (2020) – Highlights from the cricket tournament.
  • Fearless (2020) N – Animated feature about a teen gamer who has to babysit three superhero infants.
  • Glow Up (Season 2) N – British competition series to find the next big makeup artist.
  • Nigerian Prince (2018) – Thriller about a man being sent to Nigeria against his will and tries to return to the US.
  • Octonauts & the Caves of Sac Actun (2020) N – British kids film about the Octonauts going on an underwater adventure.
  • Project Power (2020) N – Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Dominique Fishback star in this brand new superhero series.

  • Teenage Bounty Hunters (Season 1) N – The next Genji Kohan series (formally Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters).
  • The Great Heist / El robo del siglo (Season 1) N – Colombian heist series akin to Money Heist.
  • The Legend of Korra (Seasons 1-4) – All four seasons of the follow-up to Avatar: The Last Airbender including:
    • Book One: Air
    • Book Two: Spirits
    • Book Three: Change
    • Book Four: Balance

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 15th

  • Dere: An African Tale (Season 1) – Nollywood mini-series.
  • Ojo’s in d’ House (Season 1) – Nollywood series.
  • Rita (Season 5) N – Danish comedy series back for another season.
  • Stranger (Season 2) N – K-Drama series.
  • Takki (Limited Series) – Arabic drama series.
  • The Game (Seasons 1-3) – Part of the StrongBlackLead acquisitions for August.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 16th

  • Johnny English (2003) – Rowan Atkinson stars in this James Bood spoof.
  • Les Misérables (2012) – The musical that scored three Oscars directed by Tom Hooper and features Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe.

  • Seventh Son (2014) – Fantasy epic starring Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 17th

  • Crazy Awesome Teachers / Guru-Guru Gokil (2020) N – Indonesian comedy.
  • Drunk Parents (2017) – Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek star in this comedy about two drunk parents hiding their misfortunes from others.
  • Glitch Techs (Season 2) N – More episodes of the Nickelodeon series produced exclusively for Netflix.
  • Islands of Faith / Semesta (2018) – Indonesian documentary looking at faith and culture in Indonesia.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 19th

  • Crímenes de Familia / The Crimes That Bind (2020) N – Argentinian thriller film.
  • DeMarcus Family Rules (Season 1) N – Reality series.
  • High Score (Limited Series) N – Documentary series on retro video games.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 20th

  • Biohackers (Season 1) N – Sci-fi German series
  • Goedam (Season 1) – Dark Korean anthology horror series about shadows and spirits coming alive.
  • Good Kisser (2019) – Romantic comedy from Wendy Jo Carlton.
  • Great Pretender (Season 1) N – New anime series.

  • John Was Trying to Contact Aliens (2020) N – Documentary short on a man looking for aliens but ends up finding love.
  • The Crimes That Bind (2020) N – A mother goes on a journey after her son is accused of raping and murdering.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 21st

  • Alien TV (Season 1) N – Kids comedy series about Alien reporters trying learn about humans and our hobbies.
  • Class of ’83 (2020) N – A police officer who is demoted finds himself on the cusp of breaking a case.
  • Dark Forces (Season 1) N – Dark horror series set in a haunted hotel.
  • Fuego negro (2020) N – Mexican horror from Bernardo Arellano.
  • Hoops (Season 1) N – New animated series from the animation team behind Bob’s Burgers.
  • Lucifer (Season 5 – Part 1) N – One of the biggest Netflix continuations returns towards the end of August with Lucifer returning back from Hell – or so it seems.

  • Rust Valley Restorers (Season 3) N – More antics with the Canadian classic car restorers.
  • The Sleepover (2020) N – Tish Sie directs this comedy about two siblings find out their mother is a highly trained thief.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 22nd

  • Beware: Parental Guidance (Season 1) – Families control romantic getaways.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 23rd

  • 1BR (2019) – Horror from David Marmor about a girl settling in a new home but the neighbors aren’t quite what they seem.

  • Bunk’d (Season 4) – Disney Channel’s sitcom where we follow campers Finn, Destiny and Matteo in their summer camp.
  • Septembers of Shiraz (2015) – Salma Hayek and Adrien Brody star in this thriller about a Jewish family having to leave Iran during the revolution.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 25th

  • Emily’s Wonder Lab (Season 1) N – Kids educational series hosted by Emily Calandrelli.
  • Trinkets (Season 2) N – Final season of the teen drama.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 26th

  • Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (Season 1 – New Episodes Weekly) N – Korean drama series about a pianist who moves to a small town to find new love.
  • Lingua Franca (2019) – An undocumented transwoman tries to obtain a green card by falling for an elderly woman’s grandson.
  • La venganza de Analía / Ana’s Revenge (Season 1) N – Spanish telenova.
  • Million Dollar Beach House (Season 1) N – Reality competition series with agents competing against each other.
  • Rising Phoenix (2020) N – British documentary looking into the Paralympic Games.
  • The Mother’s Killer (Season 1) N – Colombian Soap opera about a political strategist who looks into the death of her Mom.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 27th

  • Aggretsuko (Season 3) N – Anime series about a raging panda.
  • Night Comes On (2018) – Drama following a girl released from juvenile detention just before her 18th birthday.

  • The Bridge Curse (2020) – Taiwanese horror.
  • The Frozen Ground (2013) – Nicolas Cage features in this crime thriller about an Alaska State Trooper partnering up with a young woman to catch a serial killer.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 28th

  • All Together Now (Season 1) N – Teen drama based on Sorta Like a Rock Star about a teen who is homeless and living on a bus.

cobra kai netflix august 2020

  • Cobra Kai (Seasons 1 & 2) – The series companion to The Karate Kid movies that originally aired on YouTube Premium.
  • I AM A KILLER: Released (Season 1) N – Follow-up docuseries to the I AM A KILLER series.
  • Masaba Masaba (Season 1) N – Real-life Mom and daughter play fictionalized versions of themselves.
  • Santana (2020) – South African action movie.
  • Unknown Origins (2020) N – New Spanish-Argentinian crime feature film directed by David Galán Galindo

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 30th

  • Blaze (2018) – Biopic “A reimagining of the life and times of Blaze Foley, the unsung songwriting legend of the Texas Outlaw Music movement.”

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 31st

casino royale netflix august 31st

  • Casino Royale (2006) – Daniel Craig’s first outing as 007 – will mean Netflix once again carries James Bond movies.
  • Quantum of Solace (2008) – Craig’s second outing as 007.

What are you most looking forward to watching on Netflix US in August 2020? Let us know in the comments.

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